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To Fast or Not to Fast

We get so many questions from you as to whether you should fast or not to fast so let’s chew the fat on it. Fasting in general is absolutely good for us otherwise we wouldn’t be offering Juice Cleanses on our menu! Allowing the body a break from digestion stimulates what’s called Autopaghy which is

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Better Breast Health with Essential Oils

Can we improve our breast health with essential oils? As simple as it sounds, all signs point to yes! There has been so much research on citrus fruits, citrus oils, and limonene (which is a key naturally occurring compound found in citrus oils) in relation to breast cancer, and recent developments s

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Take Control of Your Health Naturally

When you have one of these essential oil kits in your life, YOU become the healer and doctor in your very own home. Take control of your health naturally. You become armed with the tools that you need to create natural solutions to those everyday health concerns that often arise. I know that if I ha

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