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How Diet Affects Inflammation

We’ve all witnessed a cut on our hand or leg become red and angry looking at some time. Well that angry red puffiness is inflammation. Can you imagine what that would be like for your body if it was happening 24/7 inside and throughout your body? Our diet affects inflammation significantly and certa

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Listen to Your Body

We’ve encountered a common theme from various sources this past week and we thought it worth sharing with you. Do you listen to your body? Customers, friends, family have all related back to us about how they consider certain health problems to be normal and just something that is part of them which

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Why Everyone Should Take Probiotics

Probiotics … How we love thee! People have been eating fermented foods packed with probiotics for centuries and reaping health benefits like improved digestion, lower cholesterol, clearer skin and alleviated allergies. That means everyone should take probiotics. Wouldn’t we all benefit from these po

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