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Test for Food Intolerances Instead of Ignoring Them

Get this- In the UK, it’s estimated that half of the population has a food intolerance of some sort. Whoah. Food Intolerances tend to trigger digestive symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, nausea. These reactions are not life threatening, however they are uncomfortable to live with. The thing is…

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Balance Your Hormones Naturally

When you’re suffering from PCOS it can be super frustrating to deal with the weight gain and skin flare ups that go along with it. These are things that are visible to the outside world and they have a huge impact on our self esteem as a result. When talking about how to balance your hormones natura

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Is Coconut Bad for Cholesterol- Let’s Clear It Up

The past week we have done quite s few posts across our social media platforms on Cholesterol. Why? Because we are getting a lot of queries about coconut being high in fat and therefore detrimental to health. So is coconut bad for cholesterol? Most of the conventional advice relating to coconut oil

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