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Say Goodbye to Bloating and Gut Pain

We had an overwhelming response to this little bottle of goodness when we featured it in last weeks newsletter. It seems that there are many of you out there that want to say goodbye to bloating and gut pain and you need some extra support. That’s why we are telling you about DigestZen again. Digest

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Can Depression be Cured Through Diet

What do you think, can depression be cured through diet instead of medication or does that sound like a pipe dream? One million people in Australia suffer from depression at any one time. 2 million Aussies suffer from anxiety and other depression related conditions. That’s a lot right? Could these c

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Meet the MGO Team- Mel

First up in our ‘Meet the MGO Team’ series is Mel. We snapped Mel up from being Cheffy at Monk Bodhi Dharma (pictured in photo) just on a year ago now and boy were we lucky to find her. Mel overseas our entire kitchen team, loves listening to hip hop, comes up with terrific food creations and makes

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