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What to Feed Your Dog – Species Specific is Best.

We know many of you are animal lovers and often wonder what to feed your dog so they thrive for many happy years. Now there’s no judgement here ok. What we write is always about education and sharing of knowledge and opinions. At the end of the day, it’s just that….an opinion but it’s through listen

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Simple Steps to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

There are so many simple steps to beat Type 2 Diabetes and stop pre-diabetics from venturing further down this unpleasant path, so why are the numbers still climbing?? A staggering one in four Australians over 25 are considered to be pre-diabetic. One in 10 Australians are already Diabetic, that’s 2

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How Much Protein Do You Need

When it comes to diet, fat and protein are key to a properly functioning body but how much protein do you need? Did you know that our hormones are made up of both fat (cholesterol) and protein? Without protein and healthy fats in our diet, our body just cannot physically make enough hormones which r

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