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Is Stevia Healthy? Not all of it is.

During the week we did a post on social media about Stevia and we were a little surprised with the feedback and questions we received about it. Is Stevia Healthy being one of them. It appears that a good deal of people out there just aren’t aware that Stevia is not naturally white, does not come in

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Should You Eat Fruit

Should you eat fruit? Ummm yes! We eat fruit because it is delicious! Who doesn’t adore the plethora of Summer fruit that is available at the moment. Don’t get us started on Mango and Berries oh yeah….. Not going overboard is the key though guys. The thing to know about fruit is it contains a lot of

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What’s the G.O for MGO this year?!

We are here to help kick that sluggish feelings arse  We are back to snarl at Miss Blah WE’RE GOING TO MAKE ENERGY LEVELS OUR B#@…. …well you get the gist, we’re back on deck. What’s the G.O for MGO this year? My Goodness it’s going to be an epic year ahead, no question. Seriously, we are chomping

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