The True Cost of Beauty

By Rebecca Carden — January 21, 2020

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Intentional Self Intoxication or Self Poisoning.....

That is how Dr Mark Donohoe one of Australia's most highly regarded Doctors in Environmental and Nutrition Medicine (massive fan over here) refers to the use of modern day cosmetics and beauty products on the daily.

That really struck a chord with us because it is such an accurate description for the toxic nature of the beauty industry.

Lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, coal tar, flame retardants, teflon, xenobiotics, parabens, pthalates, PEG's, boric acid, bleach and that ubiquitous word fragrance.... cosmetics and beauty care products are literally an ungoverned dumping ground for all things known harmful to the human body.

Infertility rates have increased and sperm counts decreased since the introduction of plastics to our world. As to have rates of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome. True story.

Their endocrine disrupting potential is huge and has the white papers to prove is yet industry groups still maintain that endocrine-disrupting chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products in very small doses are safe.

We breathe them in, apply them to our skin, hair and lips to plump them up up to 15 times a day but we don't know exactly what we are putting on our body because companies aren't obligated to disclose ingredients lists in their entirety.

Beauty is for sale if you are willing to pay the price by jeopardizing the very thing that makes you a woman or man - your reproductive system.

Only a few millimeters of skin separate our body from the outside world. Daily we throw a stew of toxins and harsh chemicals at it which irritate and inflame this important barrier leaving us vulnerable to missing and unfriendly microbes, abnormal cell growth, gut dysbiosis and inflammatory immune conditions.

If you don't think that body wash is impacting your gut health.....think again.

A big unknown is how chemicals interact with each other in the body after they are absorbed through the skin “We are talking about how phthalates may combine with parabens, for example, because they’re both endocrine-disrupting chemicals,” said Dr Mark. “So, are the endocrine-disrupting effects additive? Or do they multiply the effects because they’re both acting on the same hormone systems?”

It's a minefield of unanswered questions.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy are frequently told to avoid fragrances and hormone disrupting chemicals in personal care products. Yet the average daily consumer doesn't receive the same warning??

It's time to take a really hard look at the products you are using each day and stop poisoning your body.

🌱 Avoid using synthetic skincare and personal care products.
🌱 Avoid washing your hand and body with antibacterial soap.
🌱 Stop using chemical skin peels and over exfoliating.
🌱 Avoid perfumes, body sprays and anything else that includes the word 'fragrance' or 'parfume' on it. Yes even 'natural fragrance' which isn't natural at all.

You will notice such a change in the vitalism of not only your skin but your entire body as you begin to avoid, protect and educate yourself on safe swaps.

Fantastic resources for you are watching the Toxic Beauty Documentary, and downloading the Chemical Maze App or Think Dirty App by the Environmental Working Group to help you make informed, healthier choices for your whole family when it comes to personal care products. Better yet, learn to make your own which is something we love teaching.

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