The Frozen Food Marketing Myth

By Rebecca Carden — August 27, 2020

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It's a curious thing how frozen food became so looked down upon.....

Over the years a perception that frozen meals are inferior to fresh has become the stock standard mindset and marketing tag line for many a company.

We're fairly certain this way of thinking stems from the likes of Lean Cusine, McCain's and similar TV Dinner style offerings which often resemble a dog's dinner and taste like a heavily salted version of it too.

Companies like this have given frozen food a bad name.

We made the decision from the get-go to never fake our freshness which is exactly what MAP Packaging is - freshness faked.

MAP or Modified Atmosphere Packaging is when an artificial environment is created inside the packaging to keep food 'fresh' for longer. CO2 levels are increased to reduce O2 levels which in turn creates an environment that slows down the decomposition of food. Some companies use straight up CO2, others use Nitrogen flushing and some do a combination of both.

The aim of this is to make food that should naturally begin to decompose within a few days extend to ten days or more in your fridge. This is how many meal delivery companies get away with transporting meals all over the country and sell them in service stations etc, by extending their shelf life with MAP packaging.

The question then should be - Is MAP packed food really fresh or is it freshness faked?

It doesn't sit right with us.

Food has been preserved through freezing for hundreds of years. Our Grandparents did it and you do it now with your leftovers, don't you? Many people love a good batch cooking session and freeze portions to have available throughout the weeks and months.

There is nothing wrong with the technique of freezing food and it has a history that far exceeds that of MAP Packing that's for sure. We know which one we would trust more simply because it has been around for longer..... It is simply a case of being misunderstood and maligned through the unfortunate quality of other companies and marketing tactics.

If you are scared of frozen ready-made meals or turn your nose up at them - you haven't tried ours! We consistently deliver restaurant standard meals that continue to surprise and delight even the wariest of customers.

It all comes back to the quality of the ingredients used and the CARE taken when we prepare your meals. Nothing artificial. No gassing. No unnecessary single-use plastic used which is needed for all MAP packed meals. We still make all of our meals fresh every week so that they are never sitting in storage for weeks or months on end.

Real food should not last for ten or more days in your fridge. Period.
If it does, question how it's been made and what has been added to make it possible.

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