Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 As A Customer.

By Rebecca Carden — March 18, 2020

Covid Update

Hey There Goodness Family,

Although we remain extra vigilant with our strict protocols, customers can rest assured that for now, it IS business as usual for My Goodness Organics and we are ready to adapt to any changing circumstances.

To put everyone's mind at ease, we want to highlight that My Goodness Organics remains a business that cares deeply for the health of its customers and employees.

It is likely that some adaption to our systems may be required along the way but our foremost guiding directive will always be to ensure the wellbeing of our customers and not our economic gains.

Our health and hygiene standards are always exemplary as our local council will attest to, however, we are implementing even stricter protocols going forward. It goes without saying that in a kitchen environment, our team are indeed washing their hands frequently and wearing gloves for all food handling.

Staff have crystal clear directives about their responsibilities at a time when immune-supporting food supply is paramount for the community's wellbeing and they are already behaving accordingly.

All produce and goods that enter our facility will be done via 'contactless' delivery to avoid unnecessary person to person exposure.

All fresh produce is thoroughly washed before being prepped.

All Delivery Drivers will be advised to behave as if all customers are in self-isolation and to conduct contactless delivery where possible. If your delivery address does not have an obvious or secure place for your delivery to be left, please provide simple and clear instructions for your driver on your 'Delivery Driver Notes' when placing your order (this is only to be used for delivery instruction, not for requesting delivery times).

We are no longer using foam cooler boxes and no longer collect them for recycling or reuse, until further notice. The same goes for our glass jars, we do not collect them.

Orders are now delivered in double-walled cardboard boxes. Inside will include chiller bags and non-toxic gel ice-packs in all orders (where applicable). Boxes should be placed in recycling, bags can be saved and dropped at Supermarket recycling bins and the gel contents of ice packs can be discarded down the sink. These delivery box changes have been implemented much sooner than we originally had planned so please be patient while we adapt to best practices on-the-fly.

Some of you may have noticed we have had to revive using the plastic lunch containers again, this is due to the shut down of Biodegradable packaging shipments around the world from China. These black containers are fully recyclable and BPA Free. We hope to return back to our usual packaging as soon as possible.

When it comes to our supply chain, so far there has been minimal impact on us to date beyond third party delivery delays. We can foresee the potential for this to rapidly change further on short notice, so we are forward planning to the best of our ability to secure packaging and ingredients to keep carrying us forward for as long as safely possible.

If we do find supply chain issues or delays with certain ingredients, we will need to make changes to the menu accordingly at short notice and trust that customers will be understanding. These changes will be reflected on the website in real-time, hopefully temporary and we will keep you informed as often as possible.

To answer our most frequently asked question from this past week...if the menu is live on the website, we are ‘business as usual’. We will not hesitate to cease production if there is even a hint of concern throughout the entire company.

Given that our service is in high demand right now, we do need to ask that you triple check your orders before they are placed to avoid order corrections and additions. Order change requests that come in later than Wednesdays 10am will not be considered. This is to keep our kitchen and admin team running free from distraction and alert while they go about keeping everyone healthy.

Orders can be placed several weeks in advance so there should be no reason to leave ordering until the last minute. If we are unable to fill an order or partial order due to last-minute changes to the menu, refunds will be offered without delay.

Thank you for your continuing small business support and it's such a privilege to be able to nourish you and help our community stay well during this time of unease.

Bec & Warren

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