Which Meal Delivery Service Is Healthiest

By Rebecca Carden — March 13, 2019

Map Pack

That photo above is what you will never, ever see us do.

The packaging your meals arrive in has a significant impact on which meal delivery service is healthiest for you.

Preprepared meals that last 10+ days in your fridge is not normal but the marketing machine of our competitors has desensitised us all into thinking this is ok.

What's worse is this practice flies under the banner of "fresh". Let us ask you...would you prepare a meal at home, store it in the fridge and then eat it 10 or more days later?

"Well how do they do it?" we hear you all curiously ask. It's not magic we can assure you but it is a neat trick. The short answer is they gas their food with a machine called MAP Packaging.

MAP Packaging stands for Modified Atmospheric Packaging and is what nearly every main stream meal delivery company uses (except us) to package their meals and we want you to be aware of what you are paying for.

If you've ever received a delivery of food in plastic trays with a plastic film over the top, it's likely been MAP packed. Basically this is the process of changing the ratio of gases inside the package to delay spoilage.

By reducing the level of oxygen and increasing the level of carbon dioxide or nitrogen inside the package, the growth of some harmful bacteria is greatly slowed and so the food looks nicer for longer and companies can shout from the rooftops 'our meals will stay 'fresh' for 10 or more days'.

The uptake of MAP packing has been extensive in recent years but very little is known about the long term effects of the gassing process on our body.

Here are some observations -

1. It's denying the natural process of deterioration.
2. MAP does not completely eliminate pathogens and without the usual spoilage microbes, there are fewer obvious signs of decay (eg, it smells ‘off’ or is discoloured) to indicate the food may be unsafe to eat. In other words, it might look ok to eat but it could still contain harmful pathogens that have just been 'disguised' from your senses.
3. Consuming high levels of carbon dioxide infused foods may have negative health consequences that just haven't been researched yet. A person consuming three MAP packed meals a day is receiving an abnormal amount of carbon dioxide in their diet.
4. It's just more plastic....who needs that crap!!

Which Meal Delivery Service Is Healthiest
example of MAP packed food

Although carbon dioxide is a perfectly natural element and one of the raw materials plants use to power themselves via photosynthesis, it would seem that too much of it is not necessarily a good thing.

As Paracelsus wrote in 1530 "all things are poisons. It is only the dose which make a thing poison".

Even water, chocolate and otherwise natural elements which are normally harmless may cause illness or death if taken in excess. Keep this in mind ok as we continue on.....

How our bodies respond to a sudden increase in carbon dioxide doesn't seem to have been considered at all and there may be impacts on our health we simply aren't aware of yet such as changes in our hormone levels which leads us to the below.

A study conducted in 2017 found that carbon dioxide infused beverages increased appetite levels through impacting the hormone Ghrelin.

Ghrelin is commonly known as the “hunger hormone.” It’s released primarily by the stomach and intestines and is responsible for stimulating your appetite.

When your Ghrelin levels are high, you feel hungrier and are likely to keep eating beyond your needs. Scientists believe that this study strongly implicates the role of excess carbon dioxide in hormonal changes, appetite control and obesity. Interesting stuff.

In 2012, Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen conducted a small pilot study into the impact of how excess CO2 impacted appetite levels in humans.

At the university’s Department of Human Nutrition, they placed six young men in special climate rooms, where some of them were exposed to increased amounts of CO2. After seven hours, the men were allowed to eat as much as they liked.

This little pilot study showed that the men with the greater amount of CO2 in their blood ate six percent more food than the men who had been in climate rooms with a normal amount of CO2.

“We could also see that the extra amount of CO2 caused the men’s heartbeat to rise, and this gives us an indication that CO2 affects the brain’s nerve cells – orexins in the hypothalamus – which among other functions control our appetite and the composition of our nutrient intake,” says Hersoug.

“A very small change in the activity of these nerve cells will presumably have great importance for our development of obesity or for maintaining our weight.”

We believe that studies such as these into the impact of MAP packed foods will begin to surface as time goes on, but in the meantime, we do not want to be the guinea pigs and you shouldn't put yourself in that position either.

Let's be real.....the whole reason MAP was designed in the first place was to maximise profits through reducing food wastage for businesses. A meal that can travel interstate and sit on a shelf for more than a week before being discarded is going to be better for the bottom line.

Which Meal Delivery Service Is Healthiest

Having a positive impact on our health was never a driving force behind the birth of this technology.

When weighing up your decision as to which meal delivery service is healthiest in Melbourne, be sure to ask whether MAP packing is used and avoid it.

We prefer to keep everything naturally and honestly fresh because you deserve the best.

We also prefer to freeze some of our meals which has been done for centuries and is a totally acceptable, NATURAL method of preservation. Snap freezing has been shown repeatedly in many studies to preserve the nutritional density of food.

The only reason frozen food is being looked down upon these days is -

1. The marketing propaganda spreading the message of 'fresh is best' (10 days old is not fresh folks).

2. Bad experiences with poor quality meals where everything is watery and yuck.

We as MGO directors eat our own product without hesitation and we will always avoid MAP packing until the research is there and solid evidence backs it's safety... so should you.

Bec and Woz

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