How Glyphosate is Destroying Your Gut Health

By Rebecca Carden — March 19, 2019


Just another reason to choose an organic meal delivery service wherever possible......


Did you know that Glyphosate is destroying your gut health and wrecking havoc with your immune system?

Dr Zach Bush and his brilliant team discovered the effects teeny tiny amounts of Glyphosate has on our gut barrier and overall gut permeability.

How Glyphosate is Destroying Your Gut Health

Instead of tightly knit together junctions in our gut lining, we have wide open gut junctions which then allow food to pass over into our blood stream where food shouldn't be!

This is what is known as Leaky Gut folks which then leads to auto immune difficulties and a barrage of other health concerns. Celiac disease is now also showing strong correlations to the presence and impact of glyphosate, most likely due to those junctions becoming loose.

Glyphosate also negatively affects our friendly gut bacteria populations as recent research has highlighted whilst allowing harmful bacteria to flourish.

We know that for humans, disturbed gut health is most commonly found in people with IBS, those with Autoimmune concerns as well as individuals on the Spectrum.

Pretty much all the conventionally grown produce available from the supermarket and wholesale markets these days is covered in it and let's face it, unless you've chosen an organic meal delivery service to feed you.... you are eating plenty of Glyphosate.

Ask your meal delivery company if they are using organic produce because as Dr Bush has discovered, the damage happens within seconds of exposure to Glyphosate and at very small doses.

Recently the FDA in America increased the allowable level of Glyphosate in food simply because so much food in the market place was already exceeding what they deemed as safe levels. Holy Moly.

Would you like a serve of Leaky Gut with your meal today?

So here's the thing friends, if a meal delivery company was serious about your health and wellbeing instead of the bottom line, they would be investing in organic produce wherever possible.

If you happen to have gut health or autoimmune health concerns, you would be wise to steer clear of meal delivery services that are not organic because healing is your top priority.....or at least it should be.

Here at My Goodness Organics we are genuinely interested in helping you heal by providing non inflammatory food that promotes gut health rather than destroys it.

This comes at a higher price we know but consider it an investment in your longterm wellbeing. Your health insurance policy. Can you afford not to?

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