The quality of the water you drink matters

By Rebecca Carden — March 18, 2018

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Water is an essential and major component of all living matter. It is the largest single component of the body. An adult can live several weeks without food but no more than around 10 days without water.

Our brains are approximately 80% water did you know?

Digestion, circulation and excretion cannot occur without it. Water carries nutrients to all vital organs and our cells. It plays a critical role in maintaining body temperature and serves as building material for growth and repair of the body.

Amazingly the body can lose up to 50% of it's protein while loss of even 10% of it's water causes severe body malfunction and a loss of 20% can even result in death.

Dr Batmanghelidj who is the author of Your Body's Many Cries for Water states:

Optimal Wellbeing depends on the following-

1. The thoughts we think.

2. The depth of breathes we take.

3. The water we drink.

4. The food we eat.

5. The quality of exercise we do.

The quality of the water you drink matters

We can't rely in ordinary tap water though to keep our body in a thriving peak state. Tap water is like feeding your body McDonalds and expecting it to be happy.

Now that's an exaggeration we know.....or is it?

Drinking the right water is kind of essential and one of the most important qualities is that it can be either dead or alive. Water has energy guys.

Water from mountain lakes and streams that comes from snowpacks has long been known to be the healthiest water in the world. It's called living water as it transmits healthy magnetic forces from the planet into our bodies.

Mother Nature does much more than filter water, it adds minerals and energy essential for hydration.

The quality of the water you drink matters

Unfortunately it's easier to describe pure, living water than it is to get some. Most municipal water supplies are a disgrace, rich with unwanted chemicals such as Chlorine and Fluoride as well as bacteria and heavy metals. Bottled water whilst usually better tasting can still contain many impurities and contain zero life thanks to it's processing methods and long term storage in plastic bottles.

One of the purest commercially available waters is reverse osmosis. Home systems are expensive though and are not designed to oxygenate and energise the water.

Distilled water is often referred to as dead water because it takes all the good and the bad from the water leaving it void of life. It's essential to add a high quality celtic or sea salt back to distilled water to add essential trace minerals back in.

Then you have what's referred to as restructured water or water in which the alkalinity has been restored and which contains energy again. Structured water has also had toxins, contaminants & chemicals filtered out so we are left with clean, energised and highly absorbent water which our cells love.

We made the move to a Zazen Bench Top Water Filter and never looked back.

We were horrified at the amount of crap and sediment you can literally see being removed from your water. It grosses you out to begin with believe us but boy are we grateful all those nasties are no longer being absorbed by our bodies.

the quality of the water you drink matters

Don's support the bottled water industry which just contributes ungodly amounts of plastic into the environment that never break down and kill wildlife.

Get your OWN water filtration system and fill up your OWN stainless steel, BPA free or glass water bottles on the daily.

If you are serious about achieving the best health possible please take a moment to consider the quality of the water you are putting into your system. Is it helping or hindering your bodies own processes??

You wouldn't put unleaded petrol in a Ferrari, you would put premium unleaded in a car of that calibre. Your body deserves premium water!

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