Melbourne's Healthiest Vegan Meal Delivery Service

By Rebecca Carden — September 19, 2018

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What makes My Goodness Organics Melbourne's healthiest Vegan meal delivery service?

With so many companies to choose from now vs five years ago when it was pretty much just us and a few others, we get that it can be really confusing telling the good from the bad.

Too much choice creates confusion and paralysis by analysis which is rather ironic.

Then you also have the issue of 'what kind of vegan are you'. Are you a high carb low fat vegan, oil free vegan, paleo vegan or 'pegan' as Dr Mark Hyman describes himself. There are quite literally MANY ways that you can 'do' vegan and choosing a meal delivery service is going to come down to what style you subscribe to.

We are not a high carb low fat vegan meal delivery service. That's not a style of eating we feel is good for the body so naturally, the food we create isn't high carb and we aren't afraid of good fats or quality oils (never vegetable oils) either.

One thing you need to watch out for with majority of the other meal delivery services offering vegan meals is they tend to feature a lot of refined white carbohydrates in the form of rice, pasta, white potato and noodles as well as grains such as Barley. These are typically not gluten free and do little to support inflammation or gut health. They are not what we would consider to be nutrient dense and have little to offer the body other than providing fast burning energy that quickly dwindles.

Relying on carb heavy meals for energy is unwise if you are someone dealing with Poly Cystic Ovaries (PCOS) for example or any kind of insulin resistance issues such as Diabetes due to the way they impact insulin production.

If you are someone on a gut healing, diabetes or autoimmune journey, eating these types of foods is not recommended.

The My Goodness Organics style of eating Vegan looks like this:

1. 100% free from gluten and grains with the exception of occasional use of pseudo-grains such as Quinoa, Amaranth or Wild Rice.

2. Minimising carbohydrates except for those naturally present in starchy vegetables and legumes.

3. Strong focus on gut health. All of our legumes and lentils are properly prepared (soaked well before cooking) to remove immune system irritating phytates.

4. Fermented foods are present in as many of our beautiful salads as possible to encourage a healthy gut micro-biome which leads to a stronger immune system, better cognitive function, improved skin quality and less gut troubles.

5. Minimal soy products are used with a preference instead for legumes, lentils, nuts and seeds such as hemp for high quality protein sources.

6. Good fats are emphasised for happy healthy hormones, cardiovascular and nervous system function. We never used refined rancid vegetable oils such as Sunflower or Canola to cook our meals. If you see these oils mentioned in the ingredients listing, please back away quickly. We will only ever use olive, coconut, macadamia, avocado or cold pressed sesame oils.

7. Refined sugar free which means less mood fluctuations, better weight control, clearer skin and reduced systemic inflammation. If you see the mention of sugar, dextrose, sucrose or glucose listed on the ingredients, please do not buy it.

8. Artificial everything free always. You will never find E numbers, anti caking agents, emulsifiers or long freaky chemical names in our ingredients lists. Never will we use preservatives, colours or artificial flavours of any sort because we make everything from scratch, by hand in our own kitchen. Beware the vegan meal delivery service that buys in their pre made sauces and dressings...the perfect example being below.

We hope you can see that our focus is on helping you lead a nutrient dense life and not on using cheap, empty fillers!!!

Even if you are a high carb low fat vegan right now......we encourage you to give us a go for a minimum of 2 weeks. Why 2 weeks you ask? It's going to take your body more than a week to adjust to reduced carbohydrate intake and stop being so reliant on the next quick fix of energy.

We don't provide vegan meals because it's trendy or the next fad. We've made vegan meals available from the very beginning of My Goodness Organics (my how 6 six years fly) because we know that we're all different and want different things.

No matter what your dietary preference we want to make sure you are well nourished and thrive because your body is getting everything it needs to be happy. If you want to experience a vegan meal delivery service with a difference......we're ready for you.

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