Meal Delivery Packaging Can Be Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly

By Rebecca Carden — April 01, 2018

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Making sure our meal delivery packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly wherever possible is super important to us.

In our eyes, being a conscious consumer is an obligation for all of us.

If we aren't asking the big questions, seeking the right answers and finding out the truth behind the items we purchase - we are doing planet and it's inhabitants a great disservice.

So let's get down to business and answer some of the big questions for you about our meal packaging because we know this is really important to you!

Is our meal packaging environmentally friendly?

We are super conscious about the use of plastics to store our meals and we endeavour to minimise or do away with it completely where possible.

Currently 80% of our packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Our dinners are all served in containers made from sugar cane mulch which are fully compostable and biodegradable. Simply tear them up and place them your compost bin with your veggie scraps.

Our breakfasts are served in a combination of the above sugar cane mulch containers and clear containers made from Cornstarch which are also 100% compostable (see image below). They look and feel like regular plastic but they are in fact made from plant matter!

is our meal delivery packaging biodegradable & environmentally friendly

Our smoothies and juices are served in glass jars which are fully recyclable by placing in your own recycling bins. Please note that although we did take back used glass jars for re-use for over 2 years, it's not something we can offer any more. Quite simply, it made us feel like we where doing the planet a favour but when we actually ran the numbers on energy usage to sanitise the jars and re-use them....the reality is that your large scale recycling plant can do it more efficiently than we can on our small scale.

Our snacks come in cellophane bags (made from cellulose) which are fully biodegradable and compostable.

Our lunches are a work in progress, currently they are served in recyclable BPA free plastic containers. We've had great difficulty finding a biodegradable packaging solution to keep our salads fresh whilst being easy on the eye. We haven't found an alternative yet that is up to our quality specifications but we are actively researching and won't give up.

Our aim is to have 100% of our packaging free from plastics ok. That's what we are working towards and committed to achieving.

What about your foam eskies?

We currently deliver our meals to you in Polystyrene Foam Esky's.

Yes they are not an earth friendly option and do not fit with our desire to be a plastic free company. We request that each customer leave their Cooler boxes out for collection so when we return to delivery your next order (yes, you will be back!!) we can potentially re-use the box or recycle it to the manufacturer. Boxes returned and not useable are taken back to our supplier where they are melted down and turned into new esky's? We are really grateful to have a supplier who encourages and allows us to recycle our esky's.

We have investigated and researched several other more sustainable packing options including Wool Cool cardboard boxes. Unfortunately Wool Cool is not Vegan Friendly and would upset our Vegan family, hence why we didn't go ahead with it.

As it stands, we haven't come across an option yet ticks all the boxes for us with regards to keeping your food at the right temperature whilst being earth and everyone friendly. We're still looking though.

We will point out though that before My Goodness Organics came on the scene, no company collected foam boxes and thousands of them went in to land fill every week. Since we began collecting them and re-using them it has forced some of our competitors to do the same. This makes us proud and is encouraging.

We hope you can see that we really do have the best of intentions and values when it comes to caring for Mumma Earth and our bodies. We're fairly certain that we are heads and tails above any other meal delivery company out there when it comes to reducing our use of plastics and being an environmentally friendly brand.

We're doing everything we can to be responsible producers and consumers and we totally encourage you to do the same.

is our meal delivery packaging biodegradable & environmentally friendly

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