How Much Do Your Know About Your Vitamins?

By Rebecca Carden — November 22, 2018


How did you choose which vitamin brand to go with, was it the TV commercial or the celebrity endorsement that did it for you?

Are you doing more harm then good with the supplements you choose?

Unfortunately most of the common supermarket brands end up as nothing more than expensive wee but not just that........ Sewage treatment plants are reporting that they remove TONS of undissolved vitamins from their treatment ponds every year. Literally money down the loo.

This is because synthetic vitamins and minerals are typically delivered in a packed tablet that does not dissolve in the stomach and thus pass right through the body. Centrum are considered to be the worst offenders.

The other issue is this.....

Many brands such as Cenovis promote the fact that they are sugar free. Yet sugarless vitamin C tablets are so tasty, why is that? It doesn't say on the packaging or their website.

If you call their customer service number you will be advised they don't divulge anything beyond the listed active ingredients. Yet when pressured by a consumer the other week they finally conceded that sodium saccharin was used.

The list of side effects resulting from consumption of saccharin reads like a vaccine insert- Known carcinogenic, mutagenic, causes infertility and developmental delays, banned in some countries, banned from infant foods, and that's just the single ingredient they DID admit to.


You see full disclosure of a complete ingredients list is not required by the TGA which is just nuts when it comes to consumer safety. Complementary medicines which supplements are considered to be are an entirely self regulated industry.

Did you know that 60% of supplements analysed for the active ingredients didn’t contain what was stated on the label?

If a product is intended to be used as a supplement, it must be listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The process of listing a product, however, only requires the registrant to fill out an online form, choose from a list of pre-approved ingredients (indicating low risk and tested for safety in isolation) and state they hold information to substantiate their product’s claims. They are not required to present that information/studies/research though, it's simply taken as good faith that it actually exists!

Missing from this picture is testing each batch of supplement for the concentration and safety of indicated ingredients that are actually in the bottle. Also important, the ingredients should be tested for safety in combination, since we know that a mix of herbs or plants can be more potent when combined.

Australian supplement manufacturers are required to adhere to good manufacturing practice. Their sites are also inspected and licensed by the TGA. But, beyond that, does the product do what it says? Is there any active ingredient in the bottle? You many never know.

Is it surprising to find Cenovis are owned by vaccine manufacturer Sanofi Avantis? Interesting right, certainly doesn't make us comfortable with the brand that's for sure.

Brands manufactured by Big Pharma companies such as Cenovis seem as toxic as everything else in your local chemist which is a shame given that consumers choose them thinking that they are doing the right thing for their health and wellbeing.

Did you know that Swisse were ordered to pull promotion that claimed certain products were “clinically proven” or “independently tested”, as well as its “Tired? Stressed? You’ll feel better on Swisse” tagline? This was due to the fact they were making unsubstantiated claims and no clinical studies have been done with their products which prove a positive impact.

So the takeaway of all this is not all supplements are created equal and many are wolf's in sheep's clothing. You need to ask the right questions and do the research before you take a companies word that they are what they say they are.

Metagenics, Nutraceuticals, Bioceuticals and Thorne are all some great brands we would recommend which are available but generally only via a Naturopath or Practitioner.

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