Empowered Health and Wellbeing with My Goodness Organics

By Rebecca Carden — February 22, 2018

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We were thinking of what one phrase would best sum up the things we care about and it's 'empowered health and wellbeing' for each and every MGO customer.

We aren't just a meal delivery company doing their thang in Melbourne like every other.

We're a meal delivery company that delivers organic whole foods, foods that nourish and heal, foods that fight inflammation and work to rebalance the micro-biome.

We're a meal delivery company that educates on the importance of a chemical free life and the need to reduce our toxic load.

We're a Melbourne meal delivery company that understands how disempowered people feel when it comes to their health care and we have all the right tools and resources to help you reclaim that power and control.

We're an organic meal delivery company in Melbourne who strives to share with it's tribe of customers just how good they are supposed to feel, that there is a way back to good health that doesn't involve being medicated and instead, harnesses the power of mother nature to heal us from the inside out.

We're a meal delivery company that yes, operates for profit but has a bigger purpose.

We believe the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from and how it's prepared have a direct and powerful impact on the health of customers, our community and the environment.


We feel a great sense of responsibility and pride to change what it means to be in the business of feeding people because we don't just feed people, we nourish and care for people.

Whether that means referring you to one of our trusted Naturopaths or Functional Medicine practitioners around Melbourne, teaching you how to use doTerra essential oils to begin your low tox lifestyle, offering advice on transitioning away from a high sugar high carb diet or riffing on how broken our medical system is and what we can do about it.......... we are here for you!

Warren and I have learnt so much over the past ten years through our own journey back to health and healing. We've connected with amazing professionals in a variety of different fields and we've been privileged to play a significant role in the health journey of many customers who turned to My Goodness Organics to help them discover the right path for them.

Our role isn't just to feed you, it's to deliver you empowered health and wellbeing accompanied by the best organic whole food meals available in Melbourne.

That's what we do.


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