Compare My Goodness Organics and YouFoodz? How Dare You!

By Rebecca Carden — February 09, 2018

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When it comes to choosing a meal delivery company to take care of nourishing your body, what do you value? When someone compares My Goodness Organics to Youfoodz, we're a little offended because they aren't our competition.

Can you put a dollar figure on your wellbeing? Do you view eating healthy as a worthy longterm investment or an expensive inconvenience?

The value you place on your health is indicative of the types of food you will undoubtably choose to put in your body.

'What is my health worthy of' is the mindset that plays out for so many.

Here's the thing though- we put so much trust in the words we are fed from the internet, whether it be from social media influencers or big brands, which leads to confusion about what really is the right choice to make for our health.

Honesty can be a little hard to come by these days in the world of online business. You never know who is a paid ambassador or who is just being genuine with their opinion.

A company or gorgeous model tells us their products are healthy and we believe them because why would they lie right?!

Things aren't always as they seem and being willing to do your own due diligence is a necessary endeavour these days if we aren't to be made fools.

We've been incredibly transparent over the years with our customers. We blog about who our suppliers are and why we chose them, the costs involved with preparing our meals and our values when it comes to providing you with a service.

The same can't be said for other big name meal delivery players in the market.

Bit of a soap box tirade we know but it comes from the heart.

We get it, there is a big difference in price between our meals and say YouFoodz for example. Ours are double in many cases but it's for a bloody good reason and when you taste our meals against theirs- you understand why.

Tahana Lee does a fantastic job of unveiling the truth when it comes to the YouFoodz marketing juggernaut and believe us it's pretty rare to find such an honest non biased review.

We understand why you're fooled into thinking their meals are healthy. The imagery looks fresh and vibrant, the website is crammed with buzz phrases such as 'superfood' 'clean eating' and 'summer body'. Surely that means it's all good!

Just one look at the ingredients though tells a different story....there is much more than meets the eye.


and this....


Can you see why we get a little frustrated when someone says our meals are too expensive? Too expensive compared to what.....

Remember that price is a dead giveaway to quality.

Here is what you get with our service-

1. Transparency.

2. Organic or chemical free ingredients.

3. Ethical and organic meats. We do not support factory farming.

4. Preservative free, local and fair trade certified ingredients.

5. Free from gluten, vegetable oils and refined sugar across our entire menu.

6. Greater nutritional density which means a healthier you.

7. Taste that far exceeds our competitors.

8. Food that is designed to reduce inflammation, promote healing from within, ease digestive issues, support our immune systems, promote mental clarity and reduce toxicity.

9. 90% Plastic Free Packaging with a view to make that 100% plastic free. All of our dinners and breakfasts will arrive in compostable and biodegradable sugar cane mulch packaging.

Yup, our food does all that.


We invest everything into providing you with the highest quality ingredients we can possibly offer so that you can FEEL the difference within your body when you eat with us. Those values result in a higher price point.

Would we call our meals expensive? Never because 'expensive' inherently implies a lack of value for money and that is the complete opposite of what we are.

We give you SO much value for you money from our portion sizes to the quality of our meats and the resulting smaller medical bills from letting us nourish you. We ARE a restaurant quality operation who gives a s**t about you.

Whether you see it the same way is determined by whether you value the same things we do AND your own health.

What we deliver each week isn't a box of food reeking with false promises.... it's food that will transform, energise and uplift you born from a wish for us all to have a positive impact on the world.

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