A Sustainable and Ethical Meal Delivery Service in Melbourne

By Rebecca Carden — September 14, 2018

Planet Earth First

The call for businesses to step up their environmental responsibility game has never been stronger from consumers and My Goodness Organics is proud to be Australia's most sustainable meal delivery company.

My Goodness Organics was born with from our understanding that conscious consumerism is what the earth and humanity needs to move forward sustainably. From the get go Warren and I have always sought out the most eco friendly packaging options, sourced the most ethical ingredients and recycled everything wherever possible.

Testament to our values is the fact that for the first two years of business, we collected, washed and reused every single glass jar our Smoothies and Cold Pressed Juices were served in. It was a mammoth effort that we stuck out as long as possible but in the end, it wasn't economically viable to continue that service. Those glass jars are obviously still 100% recyclable obviously but they need to be managed by the customer now.

When it comes to the sourcing of ingredients to use in our meals, the cornerstone of our philosophy has and always will be "creating healthier communities". This is bigger picture stuff. Bigger than you and us. It extends community and country wide and encourages us to think of our footprint on the earth and impact for future generations.

sustainable and ethical meal delivery service

"How many lives will you change because you advocate for wellness"

Using caged eggs or factory farmed meats in our meals never even occurred to us because we personally do not eat or condone factory farming.

Warren and I knew that if were going to build a business that created a positive impact on society, we had to make choices that inspired you to do the same. Sure we could have significantly increased our profit margins by using conventionally raised produce and meat but all that does is just lower the energy of what we're putting out into the world.

That's why the animal proteins we use are always 100% certified organic, TRUE free range and pasture raised with zero chemicals, hormones or antibiotics used.... ever. As an added bonus, all of our meats are raised locally right here in Victoria to keep food miles as low as can be.

The only exception to this rule is our salmon which though sustainably sourced, isn't organic. What it is however is the only farmed salmon that is guaranteed free from hormones, chemicals, GMO's and antibiotics. Ora King Salmon from New Zealand is the best and cleanest salmon available to us at an affordable price. Wild caught salmon is beautiful and obviously preferable but when calculating the food miles involved with importing it from Canada/ Alaska, we had to ask if it was worth it. We will never use Tasmanian Salmon, you can read why here.

Our raw ingredients are supplied by a B Corp Certified whole foods supplier and are organic wherever possible.

90% of the fresh produce we use is organic or grown free from chemicals wherever possible.

The side benefit of allowing a healthy meal delivery company such as us care for your nourishment is the significant reduction in food waste you will likely experience as a result of receiving only the food you will consume during a week, ready prepared.

As the crew over at Sustainable Table pointed out - ‘If food waste were a country it would be the 3rd biggest greenhouse gas emitter after the US and China.’ FAO, Food Wastage Footprint report, 2013

We cook to order at My Goodness Organics which means that our own food waste output is exceptionally low and that's something we are proud of.

What you get when you choose My Goodness Organics from all the other meal delivery companies to nourish you is this:

1. Our commitment to provide you with ethically sourced, free range, organic Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken always.

2. Our unwavering dedication to serve you Glyphosate free and chemical free food in general for the safety of you and our future generations.

3. Our tenacity to continue seeking the most sustainable and eco friendly packaging options available.

4. Our desire to be conscious creators and consumers in the hope that it inspires similar actions and shifts in mindset by you.

We get that this might sound a little holier than thou but if not us than who?

Social and environmental responsibility is the responsibility of us all, not just a committed few. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

Peace out folks!

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