Which Detox In Melbourne is Right for You – Try the Cleanse Restore

By Rebecca Carden — January 20, 2017

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There are so many detox options to choose from these days but which detox in Melbourne is right for you?

Our Cleanse & Restore Detox was designed for those who are wanting a deep cleanse combined with gut repair and immune system conditioning.

An extended juice fast can also be challenging for those that are either very active or for men. Reduced energy levels can be experienced whilst your body is detoxing and can impact performance.

which detox in melbourne is right for you

The Cleanse and Restore is ideal for these groups given the second half of the cleanse features high quality fats and amino acids to power the brain, provide protein and sustain energy levels.

The Cleanse and Restore is similar to an intermittent fast which sees one aim to fast for 16 hours a day and consume majority of calories in the remaining 8 hour window.

For women who find they struggle with fasting due to crashing blood sugar levels or who hold weight rather than loose it during a fast, this style of cleanse could be a better option for you.

Women are extremely sensitive to signals of starvation, and if the body senses that it is being starved, it will ramp up production of hunger hormones.

So when women experience insatiable hunger after under-eating, they are actually experiencing the increased production of these hormones. It’s the female body’s way of protecting a potential foetus — even when a woman is not pregnant. Interesting hey.

How the Cleanse is structured:

Days 1-3 : Straight juice fast with 5 juices and 1 nut mylk per day. Days 4-6 : Your days will alternate between Coconut Kefir based Smoothies, Herbal Healing Digestive Fermented Tonics, Supercharged Nut Mylks and Bone Broth.

The first three days are intended to provide your digestive system with a deep cleanse, reduce inflammation and encourage the release of stored toxins. Cleaning out the old to make way for the new!

The second restore part of the cleanse is focused on healing and sealing the gut wall with collagen and gelatin rich bone broth. Bone broth works to reduce intestinal, muscular and joint inflammation, boost the immune system and continue the detoxification process. Probiotic rich coconut Kefir smoothies and Herbal fermented tonics will support the repair process and restoration of a healthy micro-biome.

So what results should you expect?

  • A possible reduction in allergy symptoms.
  • Clearer skin and shiny hair.
  • Reduced joint pain and inflammation.
  • Improved bowel motility.
  • Less brain fog and more mental clarity.
  • A stronger immune system.
  • A happier tummy and better digestion.

Fasting in general on a regular basis also has the below added bonuses so really it's winning all round. Some people choose to do a cleanse quarterly with the change of the seasons, others aim for a monthly cleanse.

which detox in melbourne is right for you

Any Possible Side Effects?

As with any detoxification or cleanse process, every body will respond differently depending on their level of toxicity and wellbeing history.

It may be that you don’t experience any negative detox effects at all whilst others can sometimes struggle with feeling lethargic, bloated, upset tummy, headaches and nausea amongst other possible symptoms.

We will provide you with a bottle of doTerra’s DigestZen essential oil blend to rub on your belly and calm any discomfort that you may experience as well as support the detoxification process.

We are well aware that this is a different type of detox to most offered in Melbourne and we’re confident that you will feel the difference and reap the benefits of a healthy and happy gut.

Questions? Feel free to ask away!

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