The Leaders of the Melbourne Meal Delivery Pack

By Rebecca Carden — June 06, 2017

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In a market full of Melbourne meal delivery competitors who are very cheap, use conventional produce, love their additives and adore their fillers and preservatives……it can often leave you scratching your head in the world of business wondering “are we a little crazy for offering organic?”

Rest assured we are definitely a little bit crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Quite simply, we wouldn’t want to deliver anything we as a team wouldn’t eat ourselves and we have some pretty high expectations!!

Integrity is king, our values take centre place and we really do believe that food IS medicine. That doesn’t make doing business easy but this is the path we’ve chosen and we are determined to never be sheep and always be the leader of the pack.

Here’s the thing right, if we wouldn’t eat something because it isn’t in alignment with our values and philosophy……how could we possibly expect you to?

This is our vision of you, our customers: Self educated and aware, strong desire to be the healthiest and best version of you possible, cares for the environment, cares for your body and those of future generations to come, understands that every choice we make has an impact and understands that not all is as it meets the eye. You have a bullshit meter.

In a market where nearly ALL of our competitors in the Melbourne meal delivery market can offer you food delivered to your door for less than half what we can, it takes nerves of steel to stand our ground at the higher end of the scale.


We don’t have a choice here guys because like we said above, if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we’re not going to offer it to you.

We don’t eat conventional produce and will always seek out the organic/ pesticide free version wherever possible because we don’t want to pollute our bodies with chemicals that will then take up residency wrecking havoc with our hormones.

We don’t eat conventionally raised grain fed meat and will always choose organic, free range and pastured because we understand that eating a diseased, antibiotic and hormone pumped, malnourished or unhappy animal results in the same for us.

We don’t eat grains or gluten because we know they cause endless inflammation and pain for our immune systems.

Our choices laid out above are costly choices, about one and a half to two times more costly.

The cost of organic products is nearly double because organic food accounts for less than 5 per cent of Australia’s total food production by volume. Organic meat prices keep climbing because overseas export demand is sky high and consumers are learning more about what they are eating and how the animals are treated.

Unfortunately the rate of health concerns in our communities continue to escalate BUT health education and awareness is rising. People are beginning to understand that knowing where your food is coming from and it’s quality is crucial to their own health and wellbeing.

Food that hasn’t had interference from pesticides, antibiotics and fungicides has been given the chance to fully develop its own perfect magic and as a result it just tastes better, more real and more exciting on your taste buds. You know this because you tell us our food is different to the rest!!

What you’ve experienced before from a Melbourne meal delivery service is quite unlike what we have to offer you. We’re in a league of our own we truly believe that.

There’s an awesome scene from one of our favourite movies Into the Wild where the character Chris is sitting on the side of a wide open road in the back country talking to an apple he’s just plucked from a tree and in his words……

“You know, you’re really good. I mean, you’re like… a hundred, thousand times better than like any apple I’ve ever had. You’re Super Apple. You’re so tasty. You’re so organic, so natural. You’re the apple of my eye”.


That’s what we’re aiming for with MGO. We have high expectations for the quality and taste of our food because we know that ultimately that’s going to lead to healthier and happier customers which creates healthier, happier communities.

Vote with your wallet.

What’s your health and wellbeing worth?

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