Hormone Balance Naturally with Diet and Chemical Free Living

By Rebecca Carden — September 14, 2017

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When talking about how to achieve hormone balance naturally without medications, which less face it are simply bandaids – fat and gut health are your two BFF’s.

FYI- Whilst we are talking about medications, the Pill has just been classed as a Carcinogen. No surprises there from us but it will be to many of you. It is not safe and it’s time to get yourselves off it ladies. There may be challenges coming off it for you but with a bottle of Clary Calm by your side (an essential oil blend designed to balance our hormones which every woman needs- just ask), you’ll get through them.

Just start.

If we had a penny for every person who reached out to us experiencing some kind of hormonal imbalance……

Research shows that gut health plays a huge role in hormone regulation. If you have leaky gut or an out of balance micro-biome, it can result in serious hormonal imbalance. Our moods, how we think and feel are largely controlled by the gut and the bacteria which reside in it.

Focusing on first eliminating reactive or inflammatory food items from the diet such as gluten and sugar are imperative. Make this numero uno on your list! Without removing these ingredients from your diet you cannot begin to heal your gut.

Introducing foods such as bone broth, kefir and fermented veggies are an amazing way to begin the rebalancing of the micro-biome and work towards normalising the balance of critical hormones.

Our hormones are made from fat…..fat and protein. Making sure you are eating a variety of foods high in good quality and the right kind of fat is key to keeping your hormones in check. Essential fatty acids are fundamental building blocks for hormone production, without them, hormones spiral out of control resulting in skin troubles, inconsistent cycles, hair that falls out and plenty of other troubling symptoms.

Our four favourite foods packed with healthy fats include: coconut oil, ghee, avocados, chia seeds and high quality salmon.

Steering clear of dangerous plastics and chemicals such as fragrance, BPA and Phthalates which are all known endocrine hormone disruptors is critical.

Endocrine disruptors are toxins which mimic our hormones and interfere with normal production causing hormone balance naturally all sorts of massive trouble. Early onset of puberty and menopause can be linked to a system burdened with endocrine disruptors as can PCOS, Estrogen Dominance, uterine cysts and painful periods.

We are exposed to hundreds of different chemicals daily as we go about our life but our body has a limit of just how much it can process before it begins to struggle with the removal of them. When the liver is overloaded with chemicals to break down and flush out, that’s when issues arise. It’s imperative that we minimise our exposure as best we possibly can whilst supporting our liver to do it’s important work.

Going chemical free throughout your home and life is crucial for your body to become unburdened. Look at what products you are using to clean the house with, scent the air with, deodorise your body with, do your laundry with, clean your skin with…..you get the idea. It honestly takes minutes to make your own natural cleaning and beauty products. Just ask us how.

The byproducts of going chemical free are not only happier hormones but significantly reduced allergies, clearer thinking, more energy, less skin irritations and improved concentration and focus.

Supporting our liver by drinking plenty of filtered water, eating lots of greens and bitter herbs such as dandelion greens and rocket, drinking green juices and smoothies and stimulating our lymphatic system through body massage incorporating Grapefruit essential oil are all awesome.

Honestly, if I had known about all of the above information, I wouldn’t have had to endure years of severe cystic acne, a cycle that was badly out of whack, moods that were all over the shop and weight that fluctuated every day.


Photo by Simone van der Koelen

Instead, I relied on medications such as Roaccutane and the Pill to get me through whilst I continued to eat all the wrong foods and plague my body with so many toxins, my poor immune system simply gave up the fight against them and began attacking itself.

It’s time to connect the dots and see exactly the impact our diet and lifestyle have on everything we are experiencing in our physical body. What we have discussed with you is far more cost effective than attending countless medical appointments and will start you on the right path immediately to better health.

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