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Helping Busy Mums in Melbourne Eat Healthy.

Author: Rebecca Carden December 26, 2017

The incredibly inspiring Jessica Jane from Mama Disrupt put in a damn good word for us to share with her army of modern Mama's on a mission to live fearlessly and vibrantly.

Mama Disrupt is an online hub and quarterly Magazine. It's a haven of feel good vibes, a place of inspiration, and a joyous sanctuary of modern mama life and style.

We know that Mums in Melbourne need to eat healthy so that they have more time and energy to spend with their family. You can't give from an empty cup so let us help you fill up your cup so you can keep giving of your time without reaching burn out.

We aim to make the lives of women everywhere easier and more enriched through delivering the best tasting, highest quality nutrition to your door.

We can turn you into Wonder Woman....oh yes we can :)


REVIEW: My Goodness Organics Home Delivered Food

Okay it’s no secret that this little bunny isn’t that good in the kitchen. It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s just that running a couple of businesses and a family is tough and leaves me, well, let’s say ‘uninspired’ in the kitchen.

So like any good bunny, I have decided to look at my home life the same way I do my work life … and that, my friend leads me to outsourcing the cooking. And the shopping. And the menu planning and meal preparation. And this is where My Goodness Organics comes in.

And my goodness, my life has changed in more ways than you can imagine.

In the name of saving time, I have tried a number of meal delivery services (think Chinese, Thai, pizza) including the likes of Hello Fresh where your fresh ingredients are delivered to your door each week. As much as I really liked the menu and freshness of the food, there was still one major problem. I had to cook the meals.

So I went the whole hog (figuratively speaking only) and ordered a full weeks worth of meals from My Goodness Organics. Every breakfast, every lunch, every dinner – even dessert AND snacks. Home delivered. Fully prepared. To my door. Ready to eat. Yep, this delivery service is a game changer for busy mums.

Now, I do need to preface that having every single meal pre-prepared, cooked and delivered to you is not a cheap exercise (prices here). I mean, think about the time taken out of your week planning meals, getting in the car to go shopping, pushing a trolley up and down the aisles, let alone unpacking, storing then preparing and cooking each and every meal and snack. So purchasing something like My Goodness Organics for the entire family may not be feasible for everyone, but my hot tip is to order it for yourself for a full week first and give yourself a boost in more ways than one.

See here’s the kicker – My Goodness Organics not only saves you bucket loads of time in the food department, it is also super duper healthy AND sensationally delicious. This food is the real thing: their menus are completely refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and wheat free. They also cater for Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and I Quit Sugar people – yep, this is the healthiest of healthy food and I can say without hesitation, some of the most delicious food I have eaten!

Sounds pretty amazing, hey? Well it made this little bunny not only full, happy but started the process of kicking a sugar habit (the headaches started kicking in around day three but were gone by the end of the week)!

The best part of the menu would have to be the snacks – my sugar addiction was well satisfied with the delectable snacks (as most looked like they should be quite evil!) and I actually found that I didn’t need anything additional (like a Honeycomb Magnum at 9pm).

The smoothies were amazing and a great way to get a boost of vitamins through the day and the menu stretched my imagination as to what could be done with food – a far cry from Monday Spag Bog and Wednesday night Sausages and Mash. Who knew healthy food could be so yummy?!

So who is My Goodness Organics for?

Well, in my opinion I believe that it is an awesome option for parents of families to get their eating habits on track and give their health a much-needed boost. It’s probably not going to interest a three year old, but what I believe it does is promote healthy eating habits to parents and children alike. Not only are you given time back in your day to spend with family, you are exposing yourself to a whole host of beautiful organic, nutrient-rich foods and foodie inspiration.

  • It may be that a service like this is perfect for fly in fly out families where mum is home running the household whilst hubby is away – she gets more time back in her day (or he) and gets a boost of nutrient-rich, healthy food so she can be the best version of herself while solo-parenting.
  • Or you can just order lunch and snack menus perfect for the corporate mum or dad who end up grabbing quick, unhealthy lunches during the week – the money you already spend on lunches would be easily saved.
  • The team also do a series of juice cleanses to get you started – either way, I am fully convinced that these days a home delivered, fully prepared meal service – that is healthy – is an investment in you and your family, in more ways than one.

It’s worth checking out!

So what are you waiting for? 

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