Do You Know What Health Washing Is?

By Rebecca Carden — February 17, 2017

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Don’t worry, we’re not about to start offering Coke as an add on product anytime soon we assure you. Coke is however the perfect demonstration of what health washing is in action.

A nice natural green coloured label, the word ‘life’ incorporated and stevia the chosen ‘natural’ sweetener of choice. How could it possibly get any healthier?

We all know that this is just one big marketing ploy to convince people that Coke is still a perfectly acceptable anytime of the day drink that is ‘part of a balanced diet’ to use their words. The use of stevia is merely a cover up for the fact that it is still a chemical shit storm in a bottle.

This health washing activity is demonstrated everywhere we turn. Mc Donald’s and Subway give it a good crack offering ‘healthy low-fat’ options that are riddled with sugar and preservatives. Vaalia and Chobani do it well with their ‘low fat, probiotic and protein rich’ yoghurts that again have a generous serving of between 6-9 teaspoons added sugar per serve.

Meal Delivery companies are at it too. All you’ve got to do is look past the fancy marketing campaigns, pretty packaging and model ambassadors to see what’s really going on beneath it all.

Two of Australia’s biggest players in the market Lite n Easy and Youfoodz has made it an art form and they should be applauded.

On their website they list only the healthiest of ingredients which their meals are made from. On the meal packaging however that’s delivered to your door it’s a very different story, one that is peppered with the not so pretty ingredients such as artificial flavours, preservatives, thickeners and shortening powders. It’s crafty for sure and it’s something that slowly their customers are beginning to pick up on.

The point of highlighting this is quite simply: you get what you pay for.

You cannot possibly buy meals from a company that are under $10 a pop and expect them to be made with nothing but the finest of ingredients. It’s not possible guys.

If convenience is your only care factor, no worries you will be served very well by them at that price point. But, if your health and wellbeing is the priority, cheap is not going to get you there.

It comes down to the question of ‘What do you value?’

If you value your health, you understand that a certain level of investment is required. High quality ingredients and produce do not come cheap, we all know that organic is around 30-40% more expensive than conventional options.

Joel Salatin who is one of the worlds great organic advocates has this to say about the subject-

“if you think organic food is expensive, have you priced disease lately?”

Our whole philosophy is centered around – how can we make people feel better and be healthier?

To that end, we always soak and properly prepare our legumes and lentils with seaweed to make them more digestible, we incorporate anti inflammatory spices and ingredients wherever possible to support the bodies dis-ease fighting abilities, we use super foods that encourage detoxification, probiotic rich ferments that nourish the microbiome and in turn your immune and nervous system, we use only high quality fats that won’t create inflammation in your body, organic pastured proteins only because of their low omega 6 to 3 ratio and so it goes on.

We can assure you that other companies do not have the same priority list.

So with all that said and done, what choices are you willing to make for your health?

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