A Supercharged Vegan Bone Broth to Heal the Gut and Build Vitality.

By Rebecca Carden — July 04, 2017

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We’re pretty stoked to release to you our Vegan Bone Broth today. Yep it’s now up on the menu and available for you to order should you desire some bone free gut healing and blood building brothie goodness!

Now we know just the concept and idea of bone broth can be a hotly debated and sensitive topic for some people. It doesn’t need to be. Let’s take the heat out of the subject and address it for what it is- a legitimate method for building our vitality, immunity and energy reserves.

This is something that everyone needs right no matter what their dietary preference ?! This is not a place for pedestals or soapboxes, please let’s keep this a supportive forum and place for education and knowledge.

So we said last week that we had been playing around with a Vegan Bone Broth and true to our word….it’s ready to go for you!

Meet the Supercharged Vegan Bone Broth.

We might look at changing the name at some stage to avoid freaking people out but for now, we want everyone to have a clear understanding around the concept of this and that is- Gut Healing and Health Restoration.

How do we help our Vegans and Veggie peep’s get that level of gut loving and immune system restoration without the Gelatin and Collagen??

Here’s the deal, no matter what your dietary preference, we are ALWAYS going to support you.

There is no judgement here but, it is apparent though that many of our Vegan community aren’t perhaps doing as well as they could be with this lifestyle choice. We consider it our job to help you thrive no matter what. We’ve got your back. If Vegan is your choice- we want to help you be the best damn Vegan ever.

Say goodbye to Anemia, hello to strengthened immune systems, reduce systemic inflammation, beat the brain fog all whilst calming and soothing the gut. Oh and you will feel supremely nourished = winning.

Onto the magic of our vegan bone broth!!

There are no plant based sources of Gelatin so this key ingredient which is attributed to sealing the gut wall and ultimately recovering from conditions such as Leaky Gut and Ulcerative Colitis isn’t present in our broth. With this in mind we can never fully replicate the health benefits offered by Gelatin just as a disclaimer.

BUT- we can provide gut soothing and calming herbs such as slippery elm and burdock root which also have the added bonus of being incredibly supportive to the liver and it’s detoxification processes. We’ve added Pau D’arco in there as well for it’s anti parasitic, candida busting and inflammation easing properties and Horsetail (the herb lol) for it’s rich silica profile and bone strengthening, mucous membrane protecting abilities.

Speaking of inflammation, turmeric and ginger are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to supporting healthy inflammatory function. We’ve included plenty of them in our broth.

Photo by Osha Key on Unsplash

The same goes for Collagen, it doesn’t exist in the plant kingdom. What we can do though is provide as many of the co-factors as possible for your body to create and supply more of it’s own collagen. Yup our bodies can manufacture our own collagen BUT as we age, our ability to do so declines and it becomes something we do really need to supplement with. Deteriorating collagen supplies are why our skin begins to sag and wrinkle and joints begin to deteriorate.

Collagen helps reduce inflammation and support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints so it’s definitely something we cannot do without. In theory, if we support our body with the nutrients it needs to stimulate and ramp up it’s own collagen production, we can attempt to replicate the benefits of animal origin collagen as close as possible. That’s the name of the game with this Vegan Bone Broth.

Betacarotene rich veggies like carrots are awesome precursors, herbs such as horsetail contain silica which is an essential building block to collagen and good old cabbage….. Cabbage is cool because it also contains Glutamine and that folks is very very necessary for gut repair.

Sea veggies are a wonderful source of collagen precursors. They’re incredibly rich in calcium AND iron. Getting enough iron as we know is something of a problem for many Vegans and women in general. Seawater closely resembles that of our human blood plasma did you know?? Sea veggies are infused with this same concentration of minerals and trace elements that have SO much to offer us all.

We’ve got three different seaweed varieties in our broth to provide you with a powerhouse of minerals, iron and iodine to supercharge and rebuild your blood, boost your energy levels and cognitive function, support thyroid health and strengthen bones. FYI- we only use radiation free seaweeds from New Zealand.

(**If you experience Hyperthyroid issues, this broth may not be suitable for you due to it’s rich Iodine content)

Add to this a whole lot of mushrooms in all sorts and varieties because mushrooms are the BOMB. Antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, they up regulate our immune system which is just awesome.

Not only are they an essential form of B Vitamins, they are incredibly abundant with antioxidants and minerals like selenium, copper and betaglucan which support our immune systems, facilitate nerve regeneration, calm the nervous system and increase vasodilation. Studies also show that mushrooms have cancer-fighting and anti-tumor properties = winning.

SO- What we have is what is best described as an all round vitality tonic. Maybe that’s what we should call it?? The MGO Vitality Tonic….

Obviously this isn’t just for our Veggie peep’s, this is something for everyone to enjoy.

If you find that your energy is waning this Winter, perhaps try having a cup a day for a week and see how that makes you feel!

Our Vegan Bone Broth is available to purchase individually in 230ml cups or in packs of 15.

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