5 Principles of Mind Body Connection

By Rebecca Carden — February 25, 2017

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Mind body connection is when the body and brain work together harmoniously to create magic.

You possess a gift, a power with which you were born that you can use to transform the quality of your life right now.

The power we’re speaking of is that of your brain. The brain is a wondrous thing and when it and the body are working together efficiently…..magic happens and our vitality can go through the roof.

The 5 Principles of Mind Body Connection

  1. The mind has tremendous power over the body.
  2. A depressed immune system is the result of stress which is the result of disempowering eating and sleeping habits as well as habitual poor physiology and/ or focus.
  3. Anger and resentment are physical poisons to your body. Realise that stress is entirely a function of how you interpret events. Your thoughts create a direct physical effect on your body. Flip those thoughts around. Tell a different story about them. Change your state.
  4. Fear and stress compromise your immune system.
  5. Developing empowering beliefs about your body and it’s ability to function are essential. Take responsibility and create a lifestyle that includes proper exercise, nutrition and stimulation.

By continuously working on and remembering the above principles, in theory, we are supporting our brain in the best way possible and a well supported brain will see that we work towards our goals and see that our body functions optimally. We achieve mind body connection.

Your brain is the engine that allows your heart to beat over 100,000 times a day without you even having to think of it. It pumps over 5,500 litres of blood a day through a network of blood vessels that, if you were to put them end to end, would extend over 95,000km. That length is enough to circle the earth twice.

You have a set of eyes that instantly make over 10 million different colour distinctions. You have muscles that if they were to work together and pull in one direction, would equal 25 tons of pulling power. Imagine that!

This entire process is operated in a body that’s made up of about 98% water by a 1.5kg lump of matter we call our brain. The brain monitors every bodily process and works for over 70 years with very little maintenance required. It runs on about as much electricity as you would use for a 10 watt light bulb.

If it can do ALL of this without us even thinking…..what else do you think it is capable of doing for us??

You can accomplish any dream or goal you desire if your brain is running properly. If it isn’t running effectively or is mismanaged, your goals remain just dreams…..

Isn’t it time that you made full use of that computer, managed it properly and realise your potential?

Try working with those 5 principles of mind body connection and see what happens to your energy levels and overall wellbeing.

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