What Is Candida & How to Fix It

By Rebecca Carden — May 23, 2016

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What is Candida and how to fix it. That’s what many of you want to know.

Candida is not something that just affects the female population yet females seem to be the only ones doing anything about it!

Candida is a chronic health condition make no mistake and if left unchecked can create absolute havoc with our body. Men as well as women can suffer from a candida infection in their gut as well as systemically in other parts of the body.

Exhaustion, chronic fatigue, depression, sugar and carb cravings, bad breath, a thick white coating on the tongue, intense brain fog, joint pain, sinus and allergy issues, gas and bloating and urinary tract infections are all part and parcel of a candida overgrowth.

If left unchecked long enough this yeast infection penetrates our intestinal lining and works its way into our blood stream where it is transported to every area of the body, including the brain and our organs. That’s where things start getting dangerous.

So what is Candida.

Candida Albicans is the most common type of yeast found in every body and usually doesn’t cause a problem. Unless our immune systems aren’t functioning properly that is.

Candida thrives on carbs. Anything sugary, sweet and stodgy is going to be an absolute feast for it. Sugar is candida’s primary fuel source and with that comes an acidic internal environment that allows candida to grow out of control.

There are several contributing factors to Candida getting out of hand-

Long term birth control pill use

Broad spectrum antibiotics

Oral corticosteroids such as asthma pumps

A diet rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar

Getting rid of it is a long, slow and steady road. It takes consistency and dedication for a minimum of 3 months to kill it off and get it back to a manageable state.

It’s important to note here that taking an over the counter or doctor prescribed drug such as Diflucan is not going to solve the problem for you unless you address why the overgrowth occurred in the first place. Most people find that after taking a course of Diflucan, it simply comes back with a vengeance in a couple of months.

A Candida Cleanse is the only long term solution-

A Candida cleanse involves beginning with a vegetable or bone broth fast for 3 days to initiate the starvation of the yeast.

what is candida and how to fix it

Next it’s moving onto a diet free from all grains, dairy, fruit, sugar, alcohol and fermented foods for at least a month. Meat, broth, fat in the form of coconut oil and veggies low in starch are going to be your primary foods. For Vegetarians and Vegans, it is imperative that you steer clear of legumes and lentils as they are high in carbohydrate. This means your protein needs must be met in another way.

Drinking plenty of water and supporting the liver with lemon, rosemary, juniper berry or grapefruit essential oils to flush out toxins created by the candida die off is imperative.

As the candida dies off it releases over 70 different toxins into your body which results in some pretty nasty symptoms which aren’t fun at all. On a positive note, it means the cleanse is working and the candida is leaving your body.

Your symptoms could look like intense headaches, impaired brain function, dizziness, intestinal distress, sweating and fevers, sinus infections, skin breakouts all over the body and general flu like feelings.

Only after you have experienced a die off or stuck to the diet for at least a month should you consider reintroducing fermented foods such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Kimchi or yoghurt of any form. Start slowly and work your way up. We recommend remaining grain, dairy and refined sugar free after you have finished three months on a candida cleanse to ensure it never gets out of hand again.

There are a couple of supplements that can really help during this process-

Coconut Oil: Get it in you! Coconut oil has lauric and caprylic acid which both help to breakdown the biofilm of the candida and kill it off. Biofilm is a tough slime that protects candida and other disease causing pathogens and parasites which most antibiotics cannot penetrate.

Essential Oils: Clove, Lemongrass, Oregano, Lavender and Melaleuca Oils are especially effective at busting through the tough biofilm. They also inhibit growth of candida in the first place.

Adding a couple of drops mixed with coconut oil and ingesting it can really fast track your progress. Only certified pure therapeutic grade oils should be used internally and for no more than ten days at a time particularly for Oregano.

Email Bec for advice on which oils are suitable for you and how to purchase them.

(Please check with your doctor if you are taking other medication or are pregnant before taking oils internally).

Probiotics: Repopulating your good bacteria colonies is super important to prevent a reoccurring infection. Go for a broad spectrum probiotic that includes multiple strains. Also be sure to include plenty of prebiotic rich foods in your diet to provide the ultimate food source for the little guys. The more friendly bacteria you introduce the better!

So there you go. Hopefully for those of you out there thinking that something isn’t quite right with your digestion or your moods, we get you contemplating a candida cleanse.

We can help you with the food side of things. When you ask us for ‘strict paleo’ meals, we will deliver you grain free, low carbohydrate food that will help you fight the battle with ease and good taste.

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