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Plant Based Doesn’t Mean Vegan

Author: Rebecca Carden August 25, 2016

Confused? A lot of people are!

The assumption is often made that plant based means vegan. Plant based doesn’t mean vegan at all, it references the need to make sure that no matter what your dietary orientation, plants make up majority of your diet.

The term ‘plant based diet’ can really put a whole lot of people off choosing one meal delivery company over another.

The reason?  Meat eaters generally make the assumption that this means no meat.

On the flip side, Vegans automatically think we are referring to a Vegan diet.

Whilst we cater for everyones different styles of eating, we do want to make clear that ‘plant based diet’ is very much relevant for those that choose to include meat in their diet. Plant based diet is relevant to absolutely all of us whether we choose to include meat in our diet or not.

A Paleo diet is a high plant based diet and is not centred around meat as many may think and the Australian Dietician’s Association (funded by companies such as Nestle just so you know) want you to believe.

Think we’re trying to fool you? Just check out what a regular old meal from Chef Pete Evans looks like here!

There is a massive misconception out there that Paleo = Meat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

It couldn’t be further from the truth!

A paleo diet is based predominantly around plant foods hence the hashtag you might be seeing around the traps at the moment from prominent paleo advocates of #mostlyplants.

Meat is always secondary to the veggies. plant based doesn't mean vegan

The Paleo diet as referenced by Nora Gedgaudas author of Primal Body Primal Mind recommends meat/protein in general to be consumed in strict moderation—no more than about 1 gram per kg of ideal body weight. The rest of the diet is made up of vegetables that are cultured, cooked and raw, fat, nuts and seeds and small amounts of fruit.

Vegetables are full of fibre, antioxidant rich and loaded with phytonutrients which our bodies need to thrive and ward off nutritional deficiencies.

The Mediterranean Diet is considered to be one of the best high plant based diets out there. Does this mean everybody in this geographical location is vegan? Nope, but they do emphasise the importance of an abundance of plant based ingredients.

To all the omnivores and carnivores out there, don’t be fooled. Meat should always be secondary to vegetables no matter what diet style you identify with.

Dr David Katz from Yale University’s Health Prevention Research Center wishes to point out to everyone that the perfect diet officially is this-

“”A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants”

This very simple framework is all we need to worry ourselves with and has been found to be decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention. You can read the article here in depth.

If you are one of those eating meat with every meal, probably not a wise move. Get some more veggies happening on that plate of yours hey

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