Good Health Isn’t a Quick Fix- It’s About Synchronicity

By Rebecca Carden — July 29, 2016

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Achieving good health isn’t a quick fix. Period.

We’ve had discussions with quite a few health and wellness professionals recently about the tendency for people to treat their health as a quick fix.

Some think that if they just eat healthier all will be well in the world. Others believe it’s all about the exercise and yet more think meditation is where it’s at.

Adopting any one of these lifestyle changes is awesome for sure but unless you have the complete package happening, your health and wellbeing is only going to progress so far.

It’s about incorporating the healthy eating, fitness and meditation together into your lifestyle to create optimal physical and emotional wellbeing.

Just doing one of those things won’t resolve all of your problems, it’s about synchronicity.

It’s about eating the right food, removing toxins from our life, moving our bodies daily, practicing mindfulness, laughing plenty each and every day!

You can’t just do one of the above and think that all of your woes will be solved or the weight will fall off. That’s just not how our body works. The sooner you understand that good health isn’t a quick fix, the sooner you will be able to achieve good health.

Let’s take stress as an example.

If we are stressed, our cortisol levels are high which results in inflammation and weight to be stored around the tummy, hips and thighs. No matter how much exercise and good nourishing food you consume, that weight won’t disappear until your cortisol levels drop. In short, stress makes us fat.

good health isn't a quick fix

Our body is clever (and frustrating) like that

Have a think about your current lifestyle…..what are the areas you are all over and those you are neglecting?

Maybe you have an excellent diet and exercise routine but your mind is racing all the time and your immune system is weak because you are stressed out. Introduce a mindfulness or meditation practice using the HeadSpace App for example and that will bring all the other pieces together for you!

Just a word on exercise.

Develop fitness that fits your lifestyle. What do you like to do?

Rather than spending hours in a gym lifting weights and running on a treadmill (unless, of course, you love spending time in the gym!), incorporate fitness & training into your day through activities you enjoy doing.

Love hiking in the bush? Try adding some variety to your hikes — rather than just walking/running on the trail, climb a tree every so often, hang from a branch, practice your balance on a fallen log.

Become aware of all the opportunities you have each day to develop fitness that is practical to your life, and have fun doing it!

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