Don’t Quit The Juice Cleanse

By Rebecca Carden — January 11, 2016

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Don’t quit the juice cleanse!

So many of you are making the decision to do a juice cleanse over the next two weeks which is seriously awesome.

You guys are going to clear out the crap that accumulates in our bodies and feel down right mighty fine at the end of it.

Here’s the thing though, juice cleanses aren’t always easy and people often quit halfway through because of it. Just google ‘why people quit juice cleanses’ and you will see page after page of blogs and articles dedicated to it!

We don’t want that for you so let’s get real about the facts so you know what to expect heading into one and don’t freak out halfway through.

To help make it through to the other end, here are some juice cleanse tips for you.

Tip #1- Go easy on the exercise. Instead of cardio or a HITT workout, choose yoga, a bounce on the trampoline or a walk instead. Now is not the time to flog your body, instead you want to aid lymphatic flow through gentle movement.

Tip #2- Sip and chew your juices. Your brain is going to crave the act of chewing which is hardly surprising. So to trick it, take small mouthfuls of juice and ‘swish n chew’ them before swallowing. Yeah it might feel a bit silly but trust us, it WILL help.

Tip #3- You may feel waterlogged. Persevere. This is a sign you may be chronically dehydrated in your day to day life. If you aren’t a 2l minimum water drinker a day person, this is going to throw your body as it’s not used to this level of hydration & will retain it. Once it realizes there’s plenty more hydration to come, your body will stop ‘hanging onto fluid for dear life because this may be all I get’ and the water retention will pass. A pinch of pink himalayan salt in a glass of water can stimulate the body to start releasing fluid and as a bonus it’s heavily detoxifying.

Tip #4- if you feel nauseous, take a break and sip some peppermint or ginger tea. Activated Charcoal can also be a great help if these symptoms arise. This is your body detoxing and releasing toxic matter that has been stored in your cells, into your system to purge. Think of toxic matter like poison. When it’s released, it can make us feel sick until it’s left the body. The more toxic you are, the worse your symptoms will be. Drink water between your juices. Just because you are drinking a tonne of juice doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water.

Tip #5- Your bowel habits will change. This is normal. Your entire system is working hard to flush out toxic matter and it’s bound to not behave in the usual way. Relax, don’t panic. We always recommend booking a colonic therapy session (Ultimate Detox Solutions is fantastic and our preferred provider) to speed up the release of toxins and ensure they are flushed away rather than reabsorbed. Always choose a closed method colonics provider for maximum safety, comfort and results.

Tip #6- Everybody experiences different detox reactions. Some people may have skin breakouts, bad body odor, nasty headaches, aches and pains in the body, foggy brains and in general feel like crap. Others coast on through without a worry in the world and we may get rather angry at them. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Push on through and be confident that what you are experiencing is normal and will pass. Generally from Day 3 onwards, your energy levels should begin to rebound and any detox symptoms should subside to make way for ‘damn I feel good’.

Tip #7- Congratulate yourself on making a commitment to your health. You are setting your body up to feel amazing. You are giving your digestive system a valuable rest and allowing environmental toxins and chemicals to be flushed away. You’ve got this!

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