Do You Know Your Diet Type?

By Rebecca Carden — September 10, 2016

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Do you know your diet type?

Knowing your diet type may sound a little strange but it really helps when placing an order with us.

Something we think we should discuss and clear up a little bit is the different dietary options available when you choose to be nourished by us.

It’ll make it far easier when you order if you know what category you fall under

Ok first up!

I Eat Everything: You eat red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, quinoa, lentils, legumes and all the veggies. Nothing scares you as long as it’s free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar which…. everything we make IS. You don’t like to be pigeon holed and are happy with everything that comes your way.

Paleo: You eat red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and a smattering of quinoa or buckwheat but legumes and lentils are off the menu. At it’s very essence, this is meat and three veg eating.

Pescetarian: You eat fish and eggs with all the veggies. Everything we make is 100% free from dairy so there is no need for concern there.

Vegetarian: You only eat eggs, legumes, lentils and all the veggies. Remember we don’t use dairy products.

Vegan: Eggs are off the menu and it’s just legumes, lentils and all the veggies. You are not a vegan if you still eat eggs guys!

do you know your diet type

Does that help? This is not meant to sound patronising guys, purely to educate our customers about what to ask for when ordering.

Reach out if you have any questions for us but we’re pretty sure that will clear up any remaining confusion for everyone.

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