Detox Symptoms Can Hurt

By Rebecca Carden — January 18, 2016

Gut Health

Sometimes the going gets tough before it gets easy with a new diet or lifestyle and detox symptoms can hurt.

If you’re a newbie to our style of eating, sometimes to begin with it can feel like a real slog mentally and physically even though the hard work of food preparation is taken out of the equation.

Cutting out addictive ingredients like sugar and carbs helps our bodies heal and recalibrate in the long run, but detoxing symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea, fatigue, dizziness and downright moody are just no fun at all, are they?

Too often, we see people give up when they feel an unfamiliar change occurring in their body because they are in pain.

By change we’re talking about maybe bowel movements occurring more frequently, feeling a bit nauseous, headaches… you get the idea.

When you start eating differently, your body isn’t going to behave the same way. It’s going to kick up a stink and let you know that ‘Hey! This isn’t what you normally feed me and I need some time to adjust.”

It’s exactly the same for a new exercise program after a long period of inactivity. It bloody well hurts and you can’t move for days after!

The thing is these are all positive changes that are taking place. Your body is making way for a new and better normal and sometimes the going gets tough before it gets easy.

In the case of food and diet, that is definitely the case.

The food we provide you through MGO is most likely going to be higher in fiber than you’re used to, be void of preservatives and artificial flavors, have a whole lot less sugar and in general be much more nutrient dense.

Your entire system is going to be flooded with vitamins and minerals but in return, your system is going to release a whole lot of crap it’s been hanging onto for a really long time and that process can be a temporary pain in the arse.

detox symptoms can hurt

It’s not going to last long, maybe a week, two tops.

Once your system has acclimatised to these strange new foods, boy are you going to feel good!

Your moods will be even and steady, your skin will be clearer, your eyes brighter and your brain sharper. All things we’re sure you will agree are worth enduring a bit of pain for.

Let’s look at a typical cycle of someone going through sugar withdrawal shall we?

When someone decides to quit sugar, this is the process that one tends to go through-

  1. Would kill for sugar.
  2. Would kill for sugar and feel like crap.
  3. Still feel like crap.
  4. Feel pretty damn good and haven’t even thought about sugar.
  5. I’ll pass on the sugar thanks because it makes me feel like crap.

It’s exactly the same with gluten and processed carbs as well.

So if this post strikes a chord with you, please don’t be disheartened and PLEASE don’t give up!

Give it two weeks and if you don’t feel better at the end of it, let us know.

Together we can trouble shoot and see if we can figure out some possible food triggers for you that need further work.

Good health awaits those that dare to commit to the change!

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