Cooking Without Gluten, Dairy and Sugar

By Rebecca Carden — January 21, 2016

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Cooking without gluten, dairy and sugar isn’t all that easy at times.

Food expectations are an interesting thing.

We all have them and we all expect different things from our food depending on our upbringing and palate.

You have a dish put in front of you with the expectation of how it will taste and when it’s not the same, disappointment sets in, even when it’s a perfectly good meal!

Cooking without gluten, dairy and sugar as well as artificial everything, hugely affects the flavour profiles that can be achieved with food. Not in a bad way, just different from what you are used to.

Butter, cheese and milk obviously impart a real creamy richness to a dish, gluten offers texture and sugar, well, sugar makes everything taste nice in a very evil way. When all three ingredients are combined together, you have a perfect storm for deliciousness.

We do our absolute BEST to create those same perfect delicious storms with alternative ingredients but you’ve got to appreciate, they aren’t going to be exact replicas.

Creating a rich mouth feel without butter, sweetness without a sugar overload and great texture requires creativity and a lot of experimentation. We think the end results are pretty damn amazing considering all the crap we leave out.

Whilst you eat with us, you are detoxing and withdrawing which can also massively impact upon your taste buds and your moods.

We’re accustomed to thinking about the flavour of food in our mouths, or how full it makes our bellies, but what about its effects on our energy and mood?

After years of feeling sluggish after eating, it can be a revelation to people when they change their diet and start feeling energized after a meal.

You become much more mindful about how food makes you feel in your whole body, both physically and emotionally. Trust us when we say, you become a little bit more considerate of the food you cook and how it will affect your loved ones.

What we serve you may at first seem strange and taste a little weird but we can pretty much guarantee you that a couple of weeks with us and your taste buds are going to wake up, crave and appreciate these clean flavours.

If you are used to eating processed foods, supermarket sauces and sugary yoghurt, no doubt about it you are going to find it challenging to begin with but stick with it.

Allow the transformation process to begin of your body and mind. You won’t regret it.

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