Can’t Sleep? Try Our All Natural Sleep Remedy

By Rebecca Carden — August 25, 2016

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Can’t sleep? You’re not alone we assure you and everybody with this issue is seeking an all natural sleep remedy that works.

Poor quality sleep is something that affects all of us from time to time but there are many of you out there suffering from chronic long term, poor quality sleep.

When we start accumulating a sleep debt, it affects our body in profound ways. Our mental clarity and rational thought goes out the window, we become lethargic and unable to exercise, we put on weight because our hormones are out of balance, blood pressure goes up and so the list continues.

In short it’s not a pretty end result.

Enter the Oil of Centering & Sleep.

Vetiver is a long grass which grows native to Haiti.

Its thick and honey like. It smells smokey, woodsy, earthy and is utterly intoxicating.

can't sleep try our all natural sleep remedy

It also just happens to possess incredible sedative and calming properties.

Night terrors are no match when oils of Vetiver & Juniper Berry are combined & applied to the soles of the feet or back of neck.

If poor sleep quality has you feeling rough around the edges, let Vetiver guide you to dreamland. Vetiver grounds and connects us to our center. If we’re feeling discombobulated, scattered or shattered….reach for this.

Here is our favourite, all natural sleep remedy that is safe to use nightly for adults and won’t give you any nasty side effects. For kids, the quantity of the oils used will decrease to 2 drops of each in 10ml of carrier oil.

Attention disorders or hyperactivity can be brought to focus and calm making it a great oil to use with kids who need a little helping hand with staying on task or coming down out of the clouds.

can't sleep try our all natural sleep remedy

It’s anti inflammatory and just happens to provide great relief from muscle spasms, stiff joints. Another interesting property is in the role of supporting eating disorders, particularly when combined with Bergamont, the oil of self love. It regulates appetite, balances and normalizes skin thanks to its hydrating abilities.

Vetiver enhances and supports our immune system making it a great oil for those with bodies needing a helping hand during winter.

Yes it’s amazing. Yes we’re biased but for good reason.

Want to try plant therapy before man made therapy?

Email us: and we’ll show you how to get these incredibly powerful oils in your life or jump straight on over to our shop to buy your oils now.

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