The Story of My Goodness Organics

By Rebecca Carden — October 22, 2015

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A short while ago we were very grateful to be asked to share the story of My Goodness Organics with Kasey Willson from My Health My Happiness.

We thought it might be great to share that with you here so you too can have a read about what makes us tick and how My Goodness Organics came into existence

Meet Bec and Warren…

Have you always been healthy and happy? Share your journey, which has landed you in the health industry…

We’ve had our fair share of health issues in the past and as with any journey, we’re still learning, healing and striving to better ourselves and our health.

Warren experienced a severe bout of health issues several years ago. While starting to win this complex battle, his body was again in trouble after a dose of antibiotics. Recovery has been long and steady but has also driven us to do what we do.

I had Graves Disease and the health problems that go with it for a good seven years….thankfully they have all but disappeared through good nutrition and balanced living.

My Goodness Organics is a culmination of everything that we’ve learnt along our health journeys. We wanted to share our knowledge and inspirations with as many people possible and show them what a great diet can do.

Tell us about how you contribute to the health and happiness of others?

We help people regain and maintain control of their health & wellbeing through eating organic meals 100% free from gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar.

We’re pretty fortunate to receive some of the most amazing emails from customers on a weekly basis, telling us the positive impact our service has had on their lives. Whether it be helping them get ‘regular’ for the first time in years (yep we get emails about that), seeing skin conditions such as eczema or acne heal or just give them back some extra time in their lives to do what makes them happy, we’re so grateful to be helping so many people.

Feeding everyone from the sick to music industry professionals and athletes feels amazing, but we just provide a service and support. The real difference is truly made at the moment a customer chooses to take control of their well-being.

What do you believe is most important to nourish the body for optimal health and happiness?

A good diet IS a lifestyle and the foundation for a happy productive lifestyle.

With all the research being done about gut health and how it impacts upon our moods and behaviour, we really do believe that receiving good nutrition is foundation to feeling good and being happy. We have experienced this ourselves and know this to be true.

What food, drinks and other important regimens make up your typical day?

Bone broth! Seriously, everyone get on the bone broth wagon as that stuff is healing gold. We also love our cold pressed veggie juices every day and our good fats such as Coconut Oil, Nuts and Seeds.

Do you routinely supplement your diet? If so, what?

Warren and I have a pretty full on lifestyle at the moment. Running a business like MGO involves long hours 7 days a week and being the new popular kids in the industry means we are growing fast & we need to be focused everyday.

We both need slightly different food requirements to stay afloat. We both take supplements to help keep our energy levels up but rest is where it all comes together, of which there is little. A really good B Complex, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and Green Powders are staples for us during the busier weeks.

What was your latest inspiring health read?

To be really honest….we haven’t had time to read a book from start to finish the last year!!! Unless it’s a recipe book or something nutrition/health related, all we’ve managed are snippets of about ten books currently lying around the house.

Please share a favourite health and happiness tip?

Strive to be in tune with what your body is really telling you. Rest without guilt and push hard when passion strikes you.

Don’t let the ‘fear of fat’ propaganda take your hard earned!!! The RIGHT type of fats are extremely beneficial to your body and mind. Ditch the calorie counting and count nutritional density instead.

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