That Sugar Rush & My Goodness Organics

By Rebecca Carden — September 21, 2015

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How’s this for a sugar rush. 50kg of sugar is how much the average person out there is going to consume in a year.

Pretty gross thinking about that isn’t it. That’s 1430 cans of coke in a year.

Have you happened to watch Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush documentary? Well worth it if you haven't ok for a super succinct breakdown as to exactly what's wrong with sugar.

Look, we are all aware of the fact that sugar is bad news and needs to be dramatically reduced in our diet which was hammered home in Sugar Rush. Of this we are massive advocates and Jamie Oliver 100% has our support.

What we do worry about though is the obsessive nature that can develop once we jump on the bandwagon and get on a roll. I Quit Sugar devotees for example are notorious for taking things a little too far and try and avoid all fruit in it’s entirety. Not one measly little banana will pass their lips!

We are also massive advocates though for avoiding stress. Stress causes inflammation which in turn causes disease. Stress causes your body to produce cortisol which in turn results in weight gain particularly around the tummy and waist. Stress can be caused by food extremism.

Avoiding sugar in all of it’s natural forms such as in fruit is a little bit ridiculous and unsustainable. It’s also unnecessary.

Remember that fruit still contains valuable nutrients and fibre that helps our bodies thrive. Demonising fruit doesn’t do your body any good or your psychology.

Refined sugar is where the danger lies and that stuff really should be avoided like the plague. It’s not that hard to remove it from your diet and honestly, once it’s left your system for good you will feel so so much better for it. Your taste buds change surprisingly quickly as they go through their recalibration. A piece of Cadbury’s chocolate for example to us tastes sickeningly sweet, so much so that it’s a complete turn off.

Those 3pm energy slumps where you become cranky as hell (see below image) will be a thing of the past.

that sugar rush

Fat will be your BFF to help you get through those withdrawals and your second BFF will be doTerra’s Metabolic Blend in your water bottle.

The thing about sugar is this- you have some sugar, you get a boost of energy and then it’s over and you need more. You always need more. It never ends because the energy burst sugar provides is so short lived. Unless you are an elite athlete about to compete, you don’t need that sudden energy hit which refined sugar provides. It’s going to be stored as fat plain and simple.

Fat on the other hand is like a big fat log on a fire, it just keeps burning away slowly so it provides you with long lasting energy with no need to refuel every hour. Once you’ve taught your body to run on fat rather than sugar, you create a fat burning machine.

If you are trying to loose weight, ditching refined sugar is not just going to see you loose some weight via reduced calorie consumption, it’s also going to help balance your hormones out, assist with normal thyroid function and support your immune system and liver. All of this helps your body burn fat efficiently and effectively. The positive effects it will have on your body are well worth enduring a week of withdrawals.

The best bit of all of this is that we make it all so damn easy! Eat with us and you don’t have to worry or stress over which foods to avoid because we do it all for you.

Eat. Enjoy. Feel Better. Look Better. Live Longer.

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