Should You Eat Fruit

By Rebecca Carden — January 13, 2015


Should you eat fruit?

Ummm yes! We eat fruit because it is delicious! Who doesn’t adore the plethora of Summer fruit that is available at the moment. Don’t get us started on Mango and Berries oh yeah….. Not going overboard is the key though guys.

The thing to know about fruit is it contains a lot of fructose. Sure, whole fruit contains vitamins, minerals and fibre, which slow the absorption of the sugar, but fructose is still sugar.

Trial research in the US indicates we are only designed to metabolise the amount of sugar contained in two small pieces of fruit a day ie, an apple and a banana…. Anything more puts a strain on our body & we’re inclined to agree with these findings.

If fruit is your only source of fructose in a day, then two pieces of fruit is fantastic. But, if you are also having other sources of added sugar/fructose such as a few squares of Cadbury’s, breads or sauces then you might want to consider upping your vegetable intake and dropping some of those extras which is our approach with MGO meal plans.

We don’t serve whole pieces of fruit or fruit salads here at MGO, rather we prefer to include small amounts of fruit such as shredded apple, goji berries or orange in our salads, snacks and sauces.

 Rest assured you are getting enough fruit in your diet with us.

Avoiding pure fruit juice like a glass of orange juice is a wise move. When the fibre and water is removed from fruit, you’re left with a bundle of condensed sugar. Those yummy Boost Juice combo’s are unfortunately absolutely laden with fructose and are a sure fire way to through off the balance in your body. With all of our MGO juice cleanses the ratio of vegetables to fruit is always 80:20 to ensure there isn’t a fructose overload on your system.

Did you know a glass of fruit juice contains 8-10 teaspoons of sugar which is the same amount contained in a glass of Coke.

An interesting fact is that fruit today is also MUCH sweeter than it was only two generations ago. They’re being bred this way because we “want” things sweeter. This means more sugar in the same amount of fruit and it also results in you eating more fruit because it is so damn tasty!

People have a million different opinions on fruit – the message to take away is… Should you eat fruit, yes. Don’t be scared of it. Fruit has so much goodness to offer us in the form of anti cancer phytonutrients, fibre and antioxidants. These compounds are vital for our overall good health so they shouldn’t be removed from the diet completely.

Just moderate the amount of fruit you consume per day.
Maybe don’t eat 2 and juice 3.
 Have just 2 per day total.

You can read more about some of the evidence behind limiting fruit consumption here and here.

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