Restore Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

By Rebecca Carden — June 20, 2015

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Flatlined, burnt out, foggy brain – check. You may just have Adrenal Fatigue. Too many late nights working, burning the candle at both ends & sprinting from one thing to the next catches up with us eventually.

There are ways to restore adrenal fatigue naturally though.

When our adrenals get over taxed from too much physical, emotional, and/or psychological stress they get depleted resulting in adrenal fatigue. Basically you don’t have a reserve to respond to burn out. Your immune system is shot, your ability to metabolise your food properly is shot, you can’t keep up with the little things, you want to nap all the time & your brain starts to freak out.


Now to get over adrenal fatigue naturally there is a LOT of self care involved. That means, loads of organic whole foods with plenty of healthy fats and good quality protein to help stabilise and reset your hormones. Rest, sleep, no coffee or stimulants, gentle exercise and getting a meditation practice stat are all absolutely crucial.

Essential oils can also play a significant role in supporting your adrenals get back to full health. Warren and I use doTerra oils daily in so many ways to help manage the stress of running MGO and keep our own battles with Adrenal Fatigue in check. For Bec, staying on top of her thyroid health is paramount and so much support has been found in using these oils.

These guys below are renowned for their ability to renew the nervous system, strengthen the adrenals and balance hormones. They are awesome.

Basil Essential Oil- known as “The Oil of Renewal.” It brings rejuvenation of vital forces after long periods of burnout and exhaustion. It also strengthens the adrenals and builds resilience to stress. Basil helps restore the body to its natural rhythms of sleep, activity and rest.” It is excellent for exhaustion and fatigue. Combine with Peppermint in the diffuser first thing in the morning to increase levels of alertness, concentration and energy. It's the ultimate antidote to no coffee!

Geranium Essential Oil is balancing & uplifting. It’s reported to reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, improves the immune system and is a great balancer and regulator of moods and hormones no matter which way they are swinging. Geranium brings the body back into balance. Many people with adrenal issues have reported that just Geranium applied topically over the adrenals has been a great help for them.

Rosemary Essential Oil decreases cortisol levels in the body very effectively so if that is something you are wanting to achieve it would certainly be a powerful oil for you. Excess cortisol has been linked to decreased learning and memory and increased weight gain, as well as blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease issues.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is wonderful for pulling excess cortisol from the body and for this reason alone, we use it each and every day to keep our stress hormones on an even keel. It targets xeno-estrogens and endocrine disruptors that are residing in the body and gets to work eliminating them via our detoxification channels.

DDR Prime Essential Oil Blend is an essential oil cellular complex which is absolutely remarkable and a must have for overall cellular health as well as targeted energy/ adrenal/ immune support. It is a blend of essential oils that have been shown in clinical studies to help protect cells against free radical damage while supporting healthy cellular function. It's a favourite for those recovering from chronic fatigue and nervous system disorders.

The blend includes Clove, Thyme, and Wild Orange essential oils providing powerful antioxidants that help protect against free-radical damage. It also includes essential oils from Frankincense, Lemongrass, Summer Savoy, and Niaouli that have been shown to support overall cellular health and boost the immune and nervous systems.

We cannot stress the importance of using the Lifelong Vitality Supplements as key to the success of returned health and thriving adrenals. They nourish our Mitochondria which are at the epi-center of our energy production. Without happy and supported mitochondria, we are without life. As we age the output of our mitochondria decline and we need to look after them in every way possible.

The Lifelong Vitality Supplements actively work to reduce inflammation, balance hormones and fill in the gaps between our baseline nutrition and optimal nutrition. There are testimonials galore from recovered individuals who experienced a significant turn around in their symptoms within a month of beginning the LLV. Oh and there is a 30 day money back guarantee on these supplements too so you really have nothing to loose and everything to gain.


How To Use These Recommendations-

Basil, Rosemary and Geranium can be used topically on the pulse points, soles of feet and the back of the neck but specifically it should be applied over the adrenals themselves which are located on our lower back around our kidneys. Combine in a 10ml roller bottle using 10 drops of each and filling the rest up with carrier oil. Use 2-3 times a day and if you can, apply a hot compress (flannel/face washer) over the adrenals after applying to really drive those essential oils in where they can work their magic.

DDR Prime comes in both a 30ml liquid blend or pre made soft gel capsules. You get more value for money with the liquid just as an FYI. There are 4 drops of DDR per soft gel and you would take one in the AM and PM. If you have the liquid blend you can take it internally in a simple teaspoon of olive oil or place in an empty veggie capsule. You can also mix it in a roller bottle and apply it down the spine.

Lifelong Vitality Supplements are taken in the morning with breakfast and again with lunch. Start with a half dose of 1 capsule of each supplement AM and PM for a week before increasing to the full dose of 2 of each capsules.

If you don't yet have an account with doTerra, it's really easy to do so and your orders will be drop shipped to your door direct in a matter of days.

The cost of this Adrenal Support Kit is as follows-

Basil $31.50

Geranium $37.50

Rosemary $21.50

DDR Prime Capsules $64

Lifelong Vitality Supplement Pack $115 for a a little over a months supply.

+ wholesale membership $35

= $304.50AUD

for US pricing just check here.

To get started with this dōTERRA Adrenal Support Kit you can purchase your oils via our wellness store here and follow the instructions below-

Select Join and Save.

• Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.

• Select ‘Local Warehouse’

Choose ‘Wellness Advocate only’ NOT Wholesale Customer. The Wellness Advocate option is the best deal for everyone whether you want to just buy the products for your own use or if you want to build a business.

• Enter your personal information. You don't need an ABN to process the order. (If you are ordering from the USA, please select Wholesale Customer.)

• At Enroller ID, enter my number if it hasn’t automatically populated: 1759183 (This is really important if you don't want to get lost in cyber space ok).

• Then click verify (it should then show you my name Rebecca Carden)

• Give yourself an easy to remember password

• And then you’re ready to click on over to the next page.

• Here, you’ll choose what you’d like to order. If you are wanting to order our adrenal kit- you'll need to first Select the $35 Introductory Welcome Packet from the kits (this is your wholesale membership fee)- then simply type the names of the products you want to order into the search box and add them to your cart. Be sure to add a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to your 1st order so you can safely dilute and mix your oils!

• Click View Totals to finalise your shopping cart.

• You’ll then enter your CC details and process your order. You're done!

**When everything goes through, it’ll ask you whether you want to set up your Loyal Rewards Program or LRP as it’s known. You can either choose to set this up now or leave it for the moment and organise a chat with me so we can curate a list of oils together to help support you in the best possible way to suit your needs. The LRP Program is the best and most economical way to make future purchases and be rewarded for doing so. It's such a great way to build your collection slowly.

Hit us up with any questions and look after your little adrenals ok!

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