Our Organic Produce Suppliers of Choice

By Rebecca Carden — February 10, 2015

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With so many new faces choosing My Goodness Organics to nourish them each week, we thought it was time to give you a recap as to WHO our organic produce suppliers are and WHY. We want you to feel confident that we’re giving you and your body nothing but the best quality ingredients to help your body thrive and feel the best you possibly can with our meal delivery service.

Organic Empire & Yarra Valley Farms

Our wonderful fresh produce suppliers based in Mt Evelyn at the foothills of the Yarra Valley. Angela Gioffrie the owner of OE has been a massive cheerleader of ours from day one and we in turn have loved supporting her business.

 Much of our produce is sourced from the local Yarra Valley organic farmers where ever possible which creates a thriving and supportive food community right in our backyard.

Yarra Valley Farms our other produce supplier of choice have a huge and growing range of certified organic and pesticide free produce including our beloved Coolibah Organic greens and micro herbs.

Cherry Tree Organics

Cherry Tree Downs Farm is based in South Gippsland and supply our grass fed, organic, hormone and antibiotic free chicken, beef and lamb. Shane has again looked after us from the early days. He practices only environmentally sustainable farming principles and is a certified organic producer. His cows and lamb are 100% grain free (not fed grain at any stage of their life), not just grain finished as many supermarket brands promote. The grain which supplements their chickens diet is certified non GMO and organic as well as free range.

Milawa Organic Poultry

Russel at Milawa has been a supplier of ours for many years. We truly believe his Organic Free Range chickens have no equal due to the level of care that goes into his great product and continuous supply. You will taste the quality of the chicken in our meals as it is always succulent, juicy and rich with flavour. He is a passionate farmer that regularly visits farmers markets throughout the region. His poultry and eggs are a sure-fire sell out each week. Russ is old school and doesn't have a website but you will find his face and business splashed around many of Melbourne's top restaurants and organic butchers.

Red Coral Sustainable Seafood

We have really busted our guts trying to find a sustainable salmon supplier we trust & Red Coral introduced us to the beautiful Ora King Salmon. Wild salmon is incredibly hard to source and the ridiculous food miles incurred when importing wild salmon from places like Canada, Norway or Scotland outweigh the health benefits. Not to mention the fact that nearly all wild salmon is imported frozen and just cannot be obtained fresh in the Southern Hemisphere. Ora King is the only sustainable salmon that is responsibly farmed and 100% free from hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s, BSE’s, processed without chemicals, kept in uncontaminated waters and humanely harvested. All feed used for their salmon is World Wildlife Fund certified and is fully traceable. Any other fish we use such as in our curries or tagine’s is always wild and sustainably caught.

Honest to Goodness & Loving Earth

Supply us with our copious amounts of organic nuts, seeds, super foods, dried fruits and all things coconut and cacao. Loving Earth only sources fair trade and sustainably produced ingredients which is why their products are so highly sought after. Their product integrity is second to none. They can tell you the name and location of every farmer who supplies them with their wares. Honest to Goodness is a one stop fully certified organic shop based in NSW. Again, they deal fair trade and locally sourced ingredients where ever possible and are making grounds to be 100% carbon neutral.

So that’s who helps us feed and nourish you each week guys. If you have any questions at all regarding our suppliers, feel free to drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to answer.

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