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Organic Meal Delivery is the Only Choice

Author: Rebecca Carden September 28, 2015

Organic food is for everyone and benefits everyone, even those around you. We’re sure most would agree that putting clean natural ingredients in your body is only going to be a positive thing even if it is from an organic meal delivery company. So, why would anyone knowingly pollute his or her body??

The overwhelming contributors to poor food choices in todays modern society is lack of education and “perceived value”. After all, organic produce often has a price tag, it can endure a bit of a bashing in the media and public opinion for being overly expensive and therefore unnecessary. Even more ingrained here is generations of marketing dollars misguiding our perception of what is considered healthy…yes, even some of the “good choices”.

My Goodness Organics understand this costly challenge all to well because the amount we spend on quality raw & organic ingredients each week would make your head spin!! We do it because we have experienced the difference ourselves…and its life changing.

Its not entirely lost on me that many of you reading this are already well on your way to making great food choices. What you have discovered along your journey will likely motivate you to want share your storey and this is key to a healthy community. We have an obligation to care about those who are resistant or still unclear about all the grey area. Teach them not only what is truly healthy but what is misleadingly perceived as healthy, this then empowers them with real choice.

We understand more about how the body works with each passing day & we know that the better quality food we eat, the better quality of life we experience. Isn’t saving a few dollars on cheaper food instinctively one way we try to improve our lives? Well there are 2 questions in this scenario screaming for answers…

How much better are your daily life experiences when you’re in peak physical and mental condition?

How much of your bodies daily energy is spent processing unnatural ingredients and harmful chemicals?

Organic food is natural. Allowing nature to do its thing with minimal interference is entirely the point and we have evolved beautifully along side organic produce without diversion until recent generations. We are now distracted by the ease with which we can just fill our bellies and get on with the daily damage control this oversight creates (insert a trip to the chemist here), yet our ancestors virtually contributed their entire waking hours to the pursuit of quality whole foods to enrich their lives.

Our goal here at My Goodness Organics is not to ignore the reality of modern living, disregard the effect bursting populations have on agricultural practices and just hunt the plains… It’s to ensure you get the food your body (and mind) truly needs so you can see what we see and feel what we feel.

We don’t spend big bucks on advertising or celebrity endorsement, we don’t spend money on fancy labels and packaging and we don’t spend money on manned phone lines or corporate handshakes. We honestly put all of our funds into producing the best and most nutritionally dense food we possibly can.

We do what we do because we know it’s worth it . We believe that by giving you the best, you’re going to taste the difference and you are going to feel the difference. We know it’s true because our customers tell us each and every week. The stories and emails our customers send us can put a lump in your throat. To know that we are having such a positive impact on your health and wellbeing is what motivates us & ensures the integrity of the food we deliver each week will always come first, no matter how popular we become.


Some more food for thought:

Nutritionally it’s been shown that organic crops (veg, fruit etc) are up to 60% higher in antioxidants than conventional produce. That’s a huge win right there.

Conventionally produced meat is higher in Omega 6 fatty acids which create inflammation in our bodies. Conventional beef also contains far less Carotenoids, Vitamin E and minerals like Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus and Sodium than Grass-fed.

Let’s take a closer look at organic meat. It’s twice as expensive as what you can buy from the supermarket. It’s more expensive because the animal will have lived a much longer, better quality life with better quality nutrition. That makes for a naturally stronger, more healthier animal that not only tastes better but provides us with better nutrition that is free from hormones and antibiotics. It costs more money yes but it’s bloody well worth the energy regained.

Why anybody bothers making bone broth from non organic bones is beyond us. All they are doing is leaching all of the toxins, chemicals and other harmful substances that have accumulated in that animals body into your broth… only to then be consumed by you!

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