Naturopaths in Melbourne- Our Favourites

By Rebecca Carden — February 16, 2015

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Sometimes we all need a little extra help to get our health back on track and that’s where our favourite Naturopaths in Melbourne come in handy.

You may be feeling a little lack lustre, depressed, lack of sleep, achy in the joints, a bit bloated and heavy or just have the feeling that something isn’t quite right. I should feel better than this you think….and you’re right, you really should feel awesome.

Being able to pinpoint exactly what the dysfunction is can be difficult so seeking out a brilliant Natural Health Practitioner to conduct some tests for you can not only save you a lot of money but it can also get the needle on your health dial moving in the right direction again much more quickly.

We get lot’s of questions here at MGO asking for health practitioner recommendations and we are always happy to share our insider tips. After all, we have been on our own health journeys and have run the gamut of much questionable health professional advice, not to mention experienced some not so fantastic practitioners.

Below are some personal recommendations who quite simply, are the reason we now do what we do today with such a spring in our step….

Kate McAndless and Stephanie Gadson of Merge Health in Surrey Hills are MINDD and GAPS certified practitioners, paleo friendly, gut health, fatigue, hormone balance and mindfulness experts. They are fantastic and will help you get to the root of the problem.

Marta Dunin-Labedzki of Shine Health and Wellbeing in Black Rock is a holistic all rounder specialising in depleted immune systems, liver toxicity and cellular health. She played an integral role in our initial journey back to good health many years ago. Forever grateful to her.

Michele Wolff of Ultimate Detox Solutions in Cheltenham is a gut/bowel health and detox pathway specialist. There is also an excellent onsite closed method Colonic Therapy Centre which is recognised as one of the best and safest in Melbourne. We recommend Michele and her Colonic Therapists to our juice cleanse customers.

Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic in North Melbourne is operated by Angela Smith and has a range of practitioners for everything from optimising fertility and hormone balance through to genetic profiling for peak performance and working with Vegans to optimise their diet and wellbeing.

Sylvia Ong of The Food Intolerance Clinic in Abbotsford is brilliant at diagnosing food allergies and providing you with the tools and support to get to the bottom of those reactions that may be causing you grief. She also provides Bowen Therapy services.

Priscilla of In2Great Fitness is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and a Kresser Institute Trained Provider in functional medicine and evolutionary health. She specialises in very thorough testing such as Organic Acids and DUTCH Hormone panels to get to the bottom of hormone imbalances and gut dysbiosis amongst a myriad of other health concerns.

We strongly recommend that if you aren’t feeling tip top, maybe it’s time for a once over and some expert help to get to the root of the issue. Don’t let it go!

Sometimes there is some damage repair work that needs to be identified & treated in conjunction with eating nourishing food. It’s up to you to want to thrive and feel the very best you can be instead of just OK….and yes, this means you boys as well.

Sometimes it can be as simple as correcting a vitamin deficiency other times an allergy test may need to be done to see if there is a particular food item triggering a response in your immune system. Everybody can also benefit from a solid Sealing and Healing the Gut Protocol for better all round health and vitality.

Whatever it may be, it is far too easy to self diagnose and it is best to get a professional opinion if you know deep inside that something isn’t right.

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