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Meet the MGO Team- Mel

Author: Rebecca Carden May 12, 2015

First up in our ‘Meet the MGO Team’ series is Mel.

We snapped Mel up from being Cheffy at Monk Bodhi Dharma (pictured in photo) just on a year ago now and boy were we lucky to find her.

Mel overseas our entire kitchen team, loves listening to hip hop, comes up with terrific food creations and makes sure Warren and I stay sane thanks to her excellent organisational skills.

A country girl at heart from a farming family in Warragul, Mel has a respect for quality organic produce that was born from an early age, it’s in her bones. As a result, farm to fork eating is where her passion lies.

In her down time, you can find Mel teaching the Warragul locals how to cook healthy, nutritious meals from scratch at the local cafe cooking school, tending to her own veggie patch and eating her way around Melbourne.

We’re proud as punch of her and so grateful she’s joined our journey.

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