Is Going Gluten Free Really Necessary?

By Rebecca Carden — November 26, 2015

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Is going gluten free really necessary? In our opinion, absolutely!

Gluten is believed to be potentially an initiating or exacerbating factor in the roughly 100 auto-­immune diseases recognised, with auto-­immunity as a whole recognised to be the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the industrialised world.

Recent studies have shown a 400 per cent increase in coeliac ­disease — the best-known autoimmune disease caused by gluten intolerance during the past 50 years.

That doesn’t sound right does it, for something that Dieticians have us believe are crucial to optimal health.

Grains, including those with clever labelling like “all-natural”, “low-fat”, “high-fibre” and “wholegrain” have been preached to us as being a necessary part of our daily diet for decades.

There is no substantial evidence that proves we need to consume grains to be healthy. 99.9% of humans lived ­happily and healthfully without grains for 2.5 million years before the advent of agriculture.

As a result, the human gut reacts to gluten as if it’s a foreign invader and mounts an immune response against it.

Professor Alessio Fasano who is a world renowned gut specialist states –

“We didn’t know the details of why gluten is toxic until the recent past, when scientists worldwide started to really look at this indigestible fragment of gluten. To our major surprise, gluten is perceived by our immune system as a component of a bacterium or virus and unleashes the same weaponry that we use when we’re under attack by an infection”.

Hello inflammation and auto-immune disease!

is going gluten free really necessary

Cereals are exceedingly cheap to produce and highly profitable. Grains are also used by the feedlot industry to fatten ­cattle. If grains are used to fatten cattle there is a fair chance they will have the same affect on us too! There is an abundance of scientific evidence pointing out that grains are ­detrimental to our health and potentially lead to obesity and other illnesses

If you missed the Catalyst program the other night on Gluten you can watch it here.

From our perspective, there really is no question, going gluten free is necessary whether you are a Coeliac or not. Nearly everyone (actually make that everyone) who tries a natural gluten free diet, feels better as a result.

Anything that makes you feel better and function better once it’s removed has got to be detrimental to our health in some capacity.

It must be at least questioned don’t you think?

The problem as they pointed on Catalyst is when people decide to go gluten free but substitute it for heavily processed and manufactured ‘health’ foods.

Going naturally gluten-free without any unnecessary substitutions is the key to getting the best health results.

By eating only fresh fruits, fresh vegetable, meat, fish, nuts (AKA Paleo), you embrace the diet that our species evolved with, you can lose weight, and you’re going to feel great.

If on the other hand a gluten-free diet involves indulging with gluten-free pasta, cookies, cakes, bread and beer, you will gain weight and not feel so great. Why? Because you substituted gluten with fat and sugar.

To us it makes sense. We remember the bloating and the heaviness we used to feel after eating a big bowl of pasta and we don’t miss it one bit.

Test yourself out every once in a while if you must by having a gluten rich meal… just to remind yourself how crap gluten can make you feel.

If you have an autoimmune condition though, don’t even go there. The end result will only be suffering and inflammation. We don’t wish that for anyone.

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