How To Beat The Bloat

By Rebecca Carden — December 05, 2015

Beat the Bloat

Can we beat the bloat?

A swollen belly that makes us look as though we are pregnant and feel just as uncomfortable…..

It’s something that every single one of us sufferers from time to time, guys as well as the girls.

Some of you we know experienced that feeling on a daily basis before MGO came into your lives.

We ourselves also experienced it before we addressed our gut health and identified possible food culprits that contributed to it. For Warren and I it was soy, gluten, sugar and dairy which were the main instigators behind our poor gut health.

Bloating is generally a sign of weak digestion, possible parasites, food intolerances, fluid retention or candida and leaky gut.

Michele Wolff of Ultimate Detox Solutions says “regardless of the culprit, a healthy diet of anti-bloat foods can really help settle your swollen stomach”.

Removing common inflammatory foods from your diet such as dairy, gluten and sugar will nearly always give you an immediate, positive result because the gut wall is no longer being irritated and can have a chance to heal any damage that may be present.

This is where you want to get on that bone broth. One cup a day for a month or two will set your gut up for a really healthy future. The glucosamine, collagen and gelatin will repair leaky gut, reduce inflammation and promote a strong digestive and immune system.

how to beat the bloat

Gelatin can greatly improve the integrity of the gut lining by restoring the mucosal layer. It also absorbs water and helps to keep fluid in the digestive tract, which is needed for promoting transportation of waste and healthy bowel movements. We cannot stress the importance of bone broth as a gut health agent. Don’t stop after a month either. This stuff is for life.

Introducing gut soothing and calming ingredients will be your next stop.

Make Chia, kudzu, fermented veg and turmeric your best friends and get to know them daily.

doTerra’s DigestZen essential oil to soothe the digestive tract, heal ulcers and calm muscle spasms in your digestive tract, turmeric to reduce inflammation and apple cider vinegar to support healthy digestion and provide probiotic relief are other fantastic additions to get your gut back on track.

Now a lot of you are under the impression that a juice cleanse is going to fix all of the worlds problems. Juice can help with a lot of things but it’s not a miracle cure for an unhealthy gut.

It’s going to provide your body with a massive rest and reset period. During the cleanse you are clearing out the old gunk and debris that may be clogging your colon and inflaming your gut. It also allows the body to prepare for healing and to absorb nutrients better.

It’s not going to heal your gut though. That can only be done with nutrients such as those which are found in bone broth.

Be wary if you have candida present in your gut as well. A juice cleanse is most likely going to cause you further grief due to the natural sugars present, unless you do a 100% green juice cleanse which is not for the faint hearted!

It’s also super important to include some form of probiotic whilst you are doing a juice cleanse hence why we have the Chia Elixir with probiotics in our juice cleanses.

So to recap, the moral of this blog is this, if you need to beat the bloat-

  1. Do a juice cleanse if you feel you need unclogging and resetting but it’s not essential.
  2. Remove possible inflammatory food items from your diet.
  3. Introduce calming and soothing ingredients to your diet.
  4. Get on the bone broth.

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