Can Depression be Cured Through Diet

By Rebecca Carden — May 14, 2015


What do you think, can depression be cured through diet instead of medication or does that sound like a pipe dream?

One million people in Australia suffer from depression at any one time.

2 million Aussies suffer from anxiety and other depression related conditions.

That’s a lot right?

Could these crazy high numbers be the result of chronic inflammation caused by lifestyle stress and poor diet?

Chronic inflammation wreaks havoc on our bodies and ultimately damages tissue, causes plaque build up in our arteries which results in high blood pressure and is also attributed to early onset dementia and other neurological conditions.

It appears through leading a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, smoking, alcohol abuse, antibiotics and general stress.

Modern food processing techniques denatures our food and strips it of it’s nutritional content which contributes to undernourished individuals and out of balance bodies.

It’s been shown time and time again by numerous studies conducted world wide that diet improves brain function. It also improves our immune system and helps eliminate unfriendly bacteria that may be detrimental to our nervous system.

Traditional diets these days for majority of the population are high in refined carbohydrates and sugar which contribute in large part to an overgrowth of pathogens (gut dysbiosis) and a lack of beneficial bacteria to fight off these pathogens. Candida has been shown to have a massive impact on our nervous system and many sufferers report brain fog, depression and anxiety whilst in the grip of it. We’ve experienced this first hand!!!

All of this leads us to the conclusion that perhaps we can cure depression through diet and eat our way back to good mental health.

If doctors were to recommend a ‘gut health’ diet rich in leafy greens, limited fruit, lots of veggies, high quality meat and fats instead of medication, would we see a reduction in the rates of mental illness?

can depression be cured through diet

We think we would. We also think that if these positive eating behaviours stuck and were passed down to the next generation, we would see a continuing rate of decline in depression Australia wide and the world for that matter.

The Mindd Foundation is one group whose aim it is to spread this message far and wide. Mindd is a wealth of resources on all things brain and gut health and we strongly recommend you have a read through the website and look at some of the case studies.

The research is there. You’ve just got to be willing to seek it out and look for an alternative.

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