Bone Broth is for Everyone. Not Just Paleo’s.

By Rebecca Carden — August 24, 2015

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Bone broth is for everyone you know, not just those that choose a paleo way of eating.

In case you missed it, Sunday Night is currently conducting a 10 Week overhaul of Mike Willesee’s health using the Paleo Diet.

You can catch the first five weeks right here. It’s well worth a watch and just another example of how this style of eating is having a positive impact on so many of you, our customers. The best bit so you tell us is that the food is damn tasty, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything and you feel better without having to lift a finger.

Paleo is going mainstream and with it…..Bone Broth.

Now some of the more hard core advocates out there may enjoy a cup of bone broth for breakfast instead of coffee, personally, it’s something we enjoy as a mid morning snack or incorporate into our lunch. We adore a good bulletproof coffee using Coconut Clarity and bone broth probably won’t replace that any time soon. We’re only human after all and man oh man do we pack a lot into our days!

Do we see bone broth overtaking coffee as the nations morning beverage of choice?? Probably not. Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world and it’s going to take something massive to upset that title. If people are willing to incorporate it into their daily diet in some capacity though, boy that would be brilliant and we think the health of the population would increase dramatically.

I know we bang on about gut health but it really is THE key to an unending amount of health concerns. One cup of bone broth a day will help your gut on the road to recovery and we guarantee your body and your brain will feel better for it. Aching joints will disappear, joint mobility will increase, brain fog will lift, bloating and gut pain will reduce, skin conditions will clear, hair and nails will strengthen and so the list continues.

Bone broth isn’t just for those who are pursing a serious health recovery protocol such as the GAPS diet. It’s for everyone, from the young to the old. It’s an amazing addition to everyone’s diet, just consider it a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement.

bone broth is for everyone

Chronic Inflammation affects 75% of the population by some accounts and a combination of broth and a Paleo style of eating can overcome this. Don’t wait until your joints are aching, your brain is foggy and your body lethargic to make a change to your diet. Start small but just bloody well start already.

If you haven’t tried our broth yet, what are you waiting for?!

Add a couple of cups to your order today or go the whole hog and grab a pack of 15.

They are delivered frozen and all you need to do is thaw and make yourself a ‘cup of soup’ with it.

Challenge yourself in the best possible way. Commit to a cup a day for 1 month and experience the positive changes for yourself.

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