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Why You Need To Love Your Liver

Author: Rebecca Carden July 14, 2014

Sometimes it’s easy to take our body and all of the amazing things it does for granted.

Our liver is one of the hardest working organs in our body yet rarely does it receive a thank you or a moment of respite. Responsible for over 500 functions, your liver performs essential roles in your metabolism, your immune system, your digestive system and your detoxification system.

The liver is most commonly known as the bodies main detox organ. The liver has to filter every single toxin or chemical you ingest, alcohol and drugs are some of the hardest for it to filter.

Detox is short for detoxification. This is not a “buzz” word or something that was made up by diet professionals.  It is a real, vital series of processes that keep your body healthy and free of disease through the removal of toxins.

A healthy and happy liver is directly linked to the quality of overall health and vitality. Love your liver. When it’s stressed, tired and overloaded, the consequences can range from plain old slugglishness to sometimes life threatening.

Common signs of liver stress include:

-Congested skin and skin irritations

-Fatigue. Both chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue can be attributed back to poor liver function.

-Halitosis or bad breath

-Yellowing of the eyes, puffy eyes and dark circles beneath the eyes


-Malnutrition. Yep you read right. Our liver breaks down fats, processes proteins and carbohydrates. Without it running properly, these processes just can’t happen properly and our bodies miss out on proper nutrition as a result.  Beet Juice

So what can you do to look after your liver and help it do it’s job properly?

It’s really very simple, what it comes down to is good nutrition. A balanced, plant based diet helps the damaged liver to regenerate and cleanse.

Steer clear of alcohol, sugar and processed foods in general, prescription medication where possible and too much caffeine. Up your intake of green leafy veggies, filtered water, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and good quality fats such as coconut or olive oil to help release the excess bile that can congest the liver and impair it’s functioning.

You may also want to consider doing a Mini or 3+3 Juice Cleanse with us to kick start the detox process.  Ordering a week of organic healthy meals will also provide you with a gentle but no less effective method of cleansing to get you back on track, feeling lighter and more energised.

Be kind to your liver, it really is the mothership for all our bodies processes. It does so much for us and deserves a little TLC through clean living and a clean diet.

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