Why Everyone Should Take Probiotics

By Rebecca Carden — October 07, 2014

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Probiotics … How we love thee!

People have been eating fermented foods packed with probiotics for centuries and reaping health benefits like improved digestion, lower cholesterol, clearer skin and alleviated allergies.

That means everyone should take probiotics. Wouldn’t we all benefit from these positive side effects?

From the very young to the very old, everyone should be taking some from of probiotic each and every day as a preventative health measure.

Now it’s easier than ever to get your probiotics! You don’t have to make your own sauerkraut or be a Kombucha master to get probiotics in your life because My Goodness Organics can take care of that for you.

These are just some of the many reasons to include probiotics daily in your diet:

1. They power up your digestive system.

Probiotics add friendly bacteria to your digestive system, improving absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Improved absorption means good digestion, which allows your body to get the most nutritional value from the foods you eat and helps to regulate your digestive system. Bonus: more energy! All this good stuff in your digestive tract boosts your overall immunity, because 80% of your immunity lives in your stomach.

2. They protect you during cold and flu season.

Along with traditional remedies like vitamin C, garlic, and ginger, probiotics are our favorite defense against colds and flus. Probiotics can soften your reaction to the common cold by reducing your body’s inflammatory response. This means fewer cold symptoms, yay! Hit with the flu? When fighting it off, your body kills bacteria, even the healthy ones. For a full flu recovery, replenish your body with friendly micro-flora found in probiotics.

3. They ward off yeast and urinary tract infections.

Ladies—probiotics are your new BFF and to anyone suffering from Candida, you really must get probiotics in your tummy stat. Friendly bacteria, like the Lactobacillus genus, produce natural disinfectants that help maintain a healthy pH balance. If you get a yeast infection or UTI, probiotics make a nice complement to traditional treatments because they maintain healthy bacteria and prevent the bad ones from creeping back in.


4. They alleviate annoying allergies.

Hay fever, eczema, asthma, and food allergies can be debilitating (to say the least). With the right balance of beneficial microflora, you can fight off allergens and infections. Consuming probiotics can boost your inner ecosystem and help your immune system differentiate between friends or foes.

5. They help you bounce back after taking medication.

When your health requires an unavoidable course of antibiotics, add some balance back to your system with probiotics. Antibiotics and prescription drugs take their toll, especially on your intestinal health. While taking medications, your intestinal flora becomes extremely compromised, so adding probiotics to your diet can help offset the meds and prevent any future problems such as Candida or Leaky Gut from occurring.

6. They optimize your detox.

Get the most out of your detox by adding probiotics to assist the flushing out of toxins and the replenishing of your healthy gut colonies.

7. They help you manage stress.

We all battle stress on a daily basis: at work, at home, on our commutes, even in our diet and surrounding environment. Stress weakens the immune response and increases your chance of getting sick. Probiotics are known to increase your body’s stress tolerance by preventing the growth of negative bacteria during times of stress.

We recommend taking a broad spectrum, multiple strain probiotic such as Nutrition Care- Polybac 8 which has over 45 billion bacteria. The general rule of thumb is the higher the count of bacteria, the better quality they are.

Kombucha, Sauerkraut & Fermented Veggies are all amazing sources of probiotics as well which can be added to your existing diet easily and tastily. The Fermentary or Peace Love & Vegetables are our two favourite brands to keep an eye out for.

We will be including lots of fermented veggies with our summer salads so keep your eyes peeled for them in the coming weeks.

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