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The lowdown on fat & calorie counting

Author: Rebecca Carden June 03, 2014

Ok, so we get a lot of questions here at My Goodness Organics as to why we don’t calorie count our meals and it’s a subject that seems to cause anxiety with a small portion of our customers.

We never want to be just another meal delivery company. We want to use MGO as a platform to educate, raise awareness and debunk some of those diet misconceptions that get under your skin WHILST delivering food that supports and backs up the information we provide.

Calorie counting just isn’t consistent with a long term, healthy lifestyle. If it was, you would not have to do it over and over again. It’s unnatural and creates unnecessary stress when modern life already offers us enough to worry about. The ‘Fear of Fat’ marketing machine is just adding another unnecessary stress to your life. My Goodness Organics is about promoting sustainable, long term, healthy lifestyle choices.

Sure, we want to help you look your best and fit into that favourite pair of jeans but we also want to help you heal, prevent illness and function at your very best for the long term!

The only time we feel calorie counting is even close to relevant is for our athletes in training, often their very efficient bodies are actually looking for higher calorie content but most will still perform beautifully on the average servings, BUT…all calories are not created equal.

Sure, avocado, nuts and coconut are all high in fat but my goodness they are nutritionally dense. Packed withs vitamin and minerals, these amazing foods have so much to offer.

Here’s the low down on fat. Remember, we’re talking healthy plant based fats here, not the processed kind –

Fat helps with sugar cravings and helps you lose weight

One of the best tricks to conquer a sugar craving is to have a spoonful of coconut oil. Eating healthy fats kill sugar cravings pronto.

Coconut oil is made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which have amazing health benefits. One of which is our body sends MCT’s straight to the liver to use as instant energy without the sugar spike but WITH a metabolic boost…Yep, Coconut Oil actually boosts your metabolism. Good Fat

Fat is crucial for healthy hormones

Did you know that our hormones are made up of both fat (cholesterol) and protein? And without healthy fats in our diet, our body just cannot physically make enough hormones, this results in all sorts of very common  health problems. Hormonal imbalances can very quickly attribute to weight gain.

Our nervous system also operates via nerve conductors that are covered in a fatty myelin coating. Again, without fat, our nervous system cannot transmit messages properly throughout the body, think of it as short circuiting your body.

Fat is vital for brain health

25% of Cholesterol in our bodies is found in our brain! Fat is critical to the membranes that protect our brain and provides vital food for the body to make hormones as well as certain vitamins.

A recent study showed that memory function in the elderly was best in those with the highest levels of cholesterol which kind of flies in the face of everything we are taught!

So there you go. Go forth and eat good fats.

If your feeling a little anxious as to where to start, than have some of our organic healthy meals delivered to you.

Oh and did we mention it’s great for wrinkle prevention??

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