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The Health Benefits of Organic Bone Broth

Author: Rebecca Carden August 19, 2014

Yep, Bone Broth totally rules.

It’s been a huge part of our own wellbeing regime for a while now and the health benefits of organic bone broth are amazing.

Here’s why you should consider introducing it into your diet and why we’ve added it to our menu as on optional extraemoji.

1. It heals a leaky gut. The gelatin in bone broth protects and heals the mucosal lining of the digestive tract and helps aid in the digestion of nutrients.

2. Fights infections such as colds and flu. Eating chicken broth during a respiratory infection reduces the number of white blood cells, which are the cells that cause flu and cold symptoms.

3. Reduces joint pain and inflammation. The glucosamine in bone broth can actually stimulate the growth of new collagen, repair damaged joints and reduce pain and inflammation.

4. Produces gorgeous skin, hair and nails. The collagen and gelatin in bone broth supports hair growth and helps to keep your nails strong. In other words, it makes you sexyemoji 

5. Helps with bone formation, growth and repair. The calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in bone broth helps our bones to grow and repair.

6. Healthier than buying supplements. Homemade organic bone broth contains all nutrients and minerals found in bones and tendons rather than just one or two found in pills. Slow cooking preserves the nutrients better than the high heat extraction used to make supplements.

7. Fights inflammation. Organic Bone broth is very high in the anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline.

8. Promotes sleep and calms the mind. The amino acid glycine found in bone broth can be very calming.

9. Allergies, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and so many more ailments can be assisted with this awesome, nutritious liquid. health benefits of bone broth

So that’s why it’s ace.

What do you do with it you ask?? Well you drink it straight up as is or you can add a spoonful to your dinner when your reheating meals or turn it into a cup o’ soup with a boiled egg for a snack.

Consider it a health supplement just not in pill form. You want to take it everyday and be consistent for the best results.

Here at My Goodness Organics we really want to introduce you to the benefits of organic bone broth and make it as easy for you to try as possible.

Simply purchase a cup of broth or two as an add on to your usual order.

If you suffer from gut related issues, this one is for you. If not, it’s still got a whole lot to offer you.

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