The Health Benefits of Hemp

By Rebecca Carden — July 28, 2014

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Hemp has a pretty bad wrap in conventional circles. Most people associate it with its not so legal cousin Marijuana and don’t know anything about the incredible health benefits of the glorious wee hemp seeds themselves!

Most people don’t know that industrial hemp or hemp that is grown for food, textiles, and building materials, are completely free of the psychoactive substance THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which makes regular cannabis illegal. The THC is contained in the leaf or bud of the Cannabis Sativa plant, not the seeds, making hemp seed derived products completely safe (even for children).

Now that we’ve cleared away the misconceptions, let’s get onto the amazing health benefits of hemp seed itself!

Whole hemp seeds are made up of 25% protein (muscle buffs take note), with all 8 essential amino acids making them a complete protein. They also contain one of the world’s richest sources of essential fatty acids (EFAs).

the health benefits of hemp

EFAs are the healthy Omega fats that can’t be produced by our bodies and therefore must be consumed (thus the term “essential”). They are known for their role in preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis; encouraging healthy skin, joints, brain & cardiovascular function; improving post-workout recovery, increasing metabolism and promoting fat-burning; and are anti-inflammatory to the body.

Furthermore hemp seed has the most perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 of 1:3.

In the modern western diet this ratio can be as high as 1:20, which leads to a host of diseases. Between Chia, Flaxseed and Hemp you have a powerhouse of plant based Omegas at the ready.

Another little known benefit of hemp seed is that being plant-derived, it is an excellent source of Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the natural compound contained in dark leafy green vegetables, and one of the main reasons we’re told to eat more of them. It cleanses and purifies the blood, makes you feel good, gives you mental clarity, and keeps the body in an alkaline state thus preventing disease.


Hemp seed is also bursting with vitamin E, with 1 tablespoon providing over 10% of your daily requirement. It is amazing for promoting young, healthy and supple skin, hair and nails, and bright clear eyes.

Come have a read of all the latest hemp research over here at Fair Foods.

So that’s a little insight as to why we love hemp seeds so much here at My Goodness Organics and why they are a fantastic addition to your diet and to the healthy delivered food we create for you

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